Feeding the hungry?

Are there any examples of people using Soylent to help the food insecure yet?

Unfortunately, it’s not the cheapest solution and I think they’ve temporarily abandoned that concept, though I’m willing to bet they are still giving it thought. I am personally, however, trying to breed a nutritionally complete plant.


How far have you got?


I’m sure this is still one of @rob’s main goals. Once Soylent is actually finalized, production is rolling, and costs are further reduced (e.g. simply by purchasing larger quantities of ingredients), I’m guessing it will be much easier. Also, I think Rob and Co. have learned a ton about nutrition and will continue to do so once they start getting flooded with feedback after people start using Soylent (I’ve already sent them my pre-Soylent bloodwork). They can likely apply that knowledge to make localized versions for other countries which could have other cost-saving advantages.

I haven’t heard of anyone convincing their local homeless shelter to start offering soylent yet. TBH, it would probably cause some bad publicity with some nutjob claiming that we’re feeding processed dead people to the homeless. I personally like the name Soylent, but it does have its downsides thanks to that movie…

@JulioMiles - I know you guys are incredibly busy right now, but may I suggest a future blog update regarding the plans for using Soylent to feed the hungry/homeless/less fortunate/etc.? I’m sure people would like an update on that. :smile:

Once regular production/shipping is going (e.g. next year), I’d like to see options for including a donation when I place an order, with the choice of where my “donation” goes to. Rough example:

  1. 1 month of Soylent - $1[ x ]
  2. 1 month of Soylent and 1 month donation of Soylent to [ y ] - $1.5[ x ]
    Choose [ y ] :
    • Homeless shelter 1
    • Homeless shelter 2
    • Starving children in Africa
    • Starving children in India
    • etc.

Assuming that Soylent Co. will have the ability to provide “donated” Soylent at cost, etc. Might be a logistical nightmare, I have no idea how that stuff works.

Soylent = the official stuff
soylent = the diy stuff

As far as thinking about it and then realizing that I should probably focus on my classes and getting a stable job first lol.

That’s what I thought.


If you’re interested though, I did narrow it down to one possible starting plant by measuring the percentage of each nutrient relative to the RDA then finding the vegetable with the lowest standard deviation between these percentages.

All you have to do is breed a high-fat carrot.

I’ll put the effort in when I have the time, but it seems like anyone could do it and a lot of people here have more time than I do.

@kthprog - I’ve heard, but never researched and confirmed, that eating too many carrots can be toxic. :-/

I looked into this claim, the small independent study claiming this was later refuted and could not be reproduced in larger scales. As an update, I am purchasing equipment for lipid extraction to measure the fat content in my breed carrots.

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So you’re going to cross carrots with avocados?

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I will most likely just breed carrots, test the fat content, and keep only the carrots with the highest fat content and continue until an adequate fat content is met.
I will only cross-breed if it’s necessary. I don’t even know how viable cross-breeding between different plant families even is.

This vegetable has the highest fat: protein + carb ratio

And it’s still not nearly fat enough to produce an appreciable result in cross-breeding.

I saw someone on reddit say you could live eating potatoes and butter. I didn’t follow it through, but oily tubers might be the wave of the future!

Hopefully with massive mass production the cost will come way down.

That vegetable is listed as peppers, sweet, green, sauteed. The high fat ratio may be because they are including the oil they sauteed them in. peppers, sweet, green, raw lists far less fat.

Thanks I didn’t see that.
There are some disparities in the measurements of carrots anyways. I think they contain more fat than is thought.

Water the hungry, feed the thirsty.

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Check out a video of me giving homeless people Soylent 1.4.

Soylent for homeless people


Awful message board making fun of your efforts.