Feel better on 2.0 compared to 1.5

I’ve noticed that if I consume mostly 1.5 for a few days I feel slightly different physically and mentally than if I consume 2.0 for a few days, and I generally feel better on 2.0. I’m almost positive it’s because of the lower carbs and the increase in lipids and protein. With the powder you’re getting almost 50% carbs, where with the drink you’re getting almost 50% lipids and an extra 20g of protein, so it would make sense that it’s a noticeable difference in metabolic pathways and how your body might feel.

I exercise at the gym a few times a week and with 1.5 I found myself regularly adding in a greek yogurt for the extra 10g of protein. With 2.0 I don’t feel that urge and when I drink it I feel more comfortably satisfied. With 2.0 I also feel more mentally focused and consistent.

I know I’m extremely self-aware of changes in my mind and body, but has anyone else noticed anything like this? Is it possible for the powder formula to be updated to incorporate some of the algae oils and a little more protein or is there a reason they’re shipping the powder with mostly carbs?


They have stated that matching up the powder and drink ingredients is a goal. They haven’t said when though. Hopefully soon!


Good thread topic. I started a similar one a while back asking how people feel on Soylent 2.0. Below is what I wrote about it my thread. I would add to my statement below that I also became depressed after the two weeks on 2.0 but I also went through a break up at this time and that was likely the cause of my mood issues. I’m feeling better now and might revisit 2.0 soon.

“I drank about 30 bottles of 2.0 over the course of two weeks or so, I was averaging two bottles a day, occasionally three bottles. I felt a little speedy at times too, especially after caffeine. Maybe it was making me more sensitive to the caffeine? My dreams felt more intense, with more complicated plot lines. I decided to take a break from it. This could all be placebo/nocebo since I’ve been so focused on Soylent for so long. I didn’t notice these changes when I was drinking one or two Ensure Plus a day. Ultimately I wasn’t feeling as relaxed as normal on 2.0. I’m sure I’ll revisit it though for more testing, I have 60 bottles on order…” (I sold the 60 bottles to my housemate but still have about 12 bottles to consume…)

I’ve tried just about every version of the powder and version 2.0.

I felt satiated and energetic on all versions, but the powder pre-1.4 caused gas, and all powder versions caused mild constipation.

2.0 doesn’t cause gas or constipation. I have good energy as well. The only issues I have with 2.0 is its hard to travel with and it is not as satiating. Not a big deal, and well worth the benefits.

You know how sometimes after a meal you feel full and sluggish? I get that feeling with 1.5 a lot, but not with 2.0 even when I drink the same amount.

I don’t have 2.0 often though, so it could just be coincidence. 2.0’s not good for my wallet.


A lof of carbs in 1.5 are used to encapsulate oil.


Interesting responses. One person said that 2.0 is “not as satiating” and another person said that 2.0 leaves them feeling less full and less sluggish. I’m wondering if this is the same feeling of fullness and some people enjoy/expect that and some people don’t. I personally don’t like feeling full. I like that I can drink a bottle of 2.0 over the period of 5-10 minutes and not feel much different. That’s actually one of the main selling points for me. I’ve read that carbs release more serotonin in your stomach, making you feel more full and mentally relaxed (what I think of as brain fog).

I’ve been on 2.0 for a few weeks now and I’m going back on 1.5 for a few days to see how I feel. Right now my body feels more nutrient satisfied on 2.0 and my mind feels clearer. Lets see if that feel fades or stays after I switch back.

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I have read that some people have been having “wet farts” with 2.0 though.

Where did you read that? None here.


Ya not on this thread but on multiple other threads. You should be able to find a thread about farts with 2.0 very easy like I did.

Using the search, I found only one other instance of the use of the term “wet fart”, and it was apparently in reference to 1.1.

(Edit: Apparently the search might not search thread titles?)

Was actually very easy to find one with ease. There are more but I’m not going to search through all the threads I’ve looked at today to find them. wet farts with 2.0. They stated that it is most likely that they were not having enough fiber with the soylent and used fiber supplements and veggys with fiber content to resolve the issue.

I feel pretty safe in calling the experiences of one or two people outliers. If it was common we’d have heard a lot more about it by now.


2 people on 1 thread and their are more than just that 1 thread. I’m not saying that that is happening to most people but only stating that it does happen.

I haven’t experienced wet farts with either 1.5 or 2.0.

After going back and forth with the 1.5 and 2.0 I’m still not sure how different I feel on them. I think it depends on how much I’m working out and how much sleep I’m getting. I still think on 2.0 I feel I’m getting more protein and I don’t get that full feeling that I get from 1.5, but now I’ve started to appreciate that full feeling on occasion, like in the evening a fuller feeling stomach helps me sleep better.

So overall, I like 2.0 better during the day and 1.5 more in the evening. I also eat a spinach salad and some yogurt every day to get some greens and probiotics in my diet.


As I stated, I was just putting out my two cents on the topic. From what I have read about it, it is uncommon but does happen and easy thing to resolve with adding a few things with fiber to your meal. Also I do believe that the 2.0 does have less fiber in the mix than 1.5 which is why you spend less calories per bottle than per meal. I have talked to Jean Product Specialist in Soylent website and she did say that 2.0 is 400 cals per bottle where 1.5 is 500 cal per meal which is most likely the fiber difference. I wasn’t saying that 2.0 is bad wezaleff but just that their are downsides compared with 1.5. “I think it needs a little more fiber. As it is I’m pretty much guaranteed a trip to the bathroom within an hour of a soylent meal. I started adding a little, like maybe a gram or two, psyllium husk fiber with (or before) a bottle and that seems to help a lot.” is what another member said about 2.0 in the Soylent v2.1 wishlist thread. That tells me that going 100% soylent or high number like that, you might be having issues with running to the bathroom and/or wet farts due to lack of fiber.

That conflicts with my personal experience.

Which I have stated MULTIPLE times that this isn’t happening to everyone but I have seen this trend looking through the threads and that is the reason for it.

I’m not convinced it’s a “trend.” Is everyone else keeping quiet about it for some reason? The obvious conclusion is that it’s only affecting a tiny percentage of users (and more likely than not has nothing to do with Soylent 2.0 and everything to do with their digestive system).

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Then do your own research cuz I’ve given you plenty of mine. I’m sure that this is happening to more people that are not part of the discourse threads. It is a trend as it is not common but isn’t a rare thing as you demand it to be. From facts that I have gathered up is that the fiber is less in 2.0 than 1.5, fiber is the reason why Soylent texture was harder and that is why they lowered that in 2.0, and I am 100% sure that it does have something to do with 2.0 AND the peoples digestive system as everyone is different. Like I have said 20 times now, this may not be the case in some people which includes you as people are different which is what you said yourself. I am done arguing with you weza as you keep repeating the same thing over and over again even after I give more and more information. If you want more, do your own research or even talk to the Soylent team about it which is what I have been doing.