Feel better on 2.0 compared to 1.5


I was wondering what your conclusion would be and was waiting for that. I know 1.5 has more fiber in it than 2.0 so that might be what causes you to feel fuller as it is more dense/harder I believe so that just makes sense. You can just do 1.5 all day and keep with the salads and fruits, that should take care of the fiber that your lacking in 1.5 while making you feel fuller than you would with just Soylent.


I never asked you to convince me. If your argument had any merit, I would already be convinced.


Okay. We get it. Some people have digestive issues with specific versions of Soylent. I’m sure for every version of Soylent there are going to be a small number of people who post about how it’s the worst version for them and gives them weird digestive issues.

We can move on. There are other things to discuss about the differences between 1.5 and 2.0. This thread is more about how you feel physically and mentally from the carb, vitamin, and protein content and less about how you shard your pants.


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From facts that I have gathered up is that the fiber is less in 2.0 than 1.5, fiber is the reason why Soylent texture was harder and that is why they lowered that in 2.0, and I am 100% sure that it does have something to do with 2.0
[/quote]You’re “100% sure” that the lower fiber content of 2.0 is why it has a smoother texture and gave you sharts? You may be interested to learn that 2.0 actually has more fiber than 1.5, 15g instead of 12g.


I think the proportion of responses we have here compared to the number of buyers that exist leads to a wide variety of responses. Or to put it another way, it’s like reading tea leaves – you can find what you want to find.

But what do I know – I’ve only been reading responses everyday In a fairly fanatic way for a year and I’m almost a 100% Soylent user, mostly 1.5, but I’ve had quite a bit of 2.0 also. I’ve talked to the RL people myself, but I haven’t seen the kind of statistics that would allow me to draw any definitive conclusions.

If anybody can give us some real numbers, I would love to hear them. I would love to get an account just of the kind of statistics that RL collects, and what do they indicate?


I get that feeling quite often as well. My understanding now is that it is the higher carb content of 1.5 that causes this. Soylent 2.0 has a lower glycemic index/glycemic load than 1.5, likely resulting in a more even increase in blood sugar over a longer period of time. This is a result of less carbs/more fat and protein in the 2.0 formulation. I’ve spent some time in various forums investigating how to mitigate this.


The lower glycemic index would make sense for me. When I consume sugar I feel a definite brain fog and when I eat mostly protein and vegetables I feel a lot better. The 1.5 hits me a little harder and I’m still thinking it’s the carbs. It feels a little heavier in my stomach and I’m guessing the carbs up my blood sugar a little faster and release more serotonin. With the 2.0 I don’t experience this feeling. It almost feels like I haven’t eaten anything at all, which is perfect for me because I want to be able to drink it and keep working all day.

I wonder if they could package the 1.5 with extra oils and it would be more like a paste that you would squeeze out of a tube - so essentially the 2.0 but without the water. It seems the extra carbs are in 1.5 to absorb the oils and keep it a powder, but why not ditch the idea of the powder all together and make it a paste tube, similar to Go-Gurt. This would allow them to pack optimal nutrients in a smaller package than the 1.5, which contains a lot of air. A little stick would be more compact and easier to carry around, it would significantly lower shipping costs, it could still easily be used with the current Soylent pitcher, and it would help them get the ingredients between the two closer together. Here I’ll even design the tube for them:


Algal Protein in the Paste Prototype 0.10