Feel more "constant" on Soylent


I have been using Soylent for 2 out of 3 meals each day, sometimes more. I do feel better. Felt it from day one. I would say I feel constant. That one word captures the essence of how I feel. The cycles of feeling full after a meal and feeling hungry before the next one are much reduced. A Soylent meal does not seem to hit the brain in nearly the same way. While working, my energy levels are more constant. I haven’t had to dig myself out of a crash in motivation level in the last few weeks. Just keep clicking through things at a more even pace. Even emotionally, I feel more constant (or steady). Fewer highs and lows. And I like that. Did not realize that swings in energy were taking a lot out of me.

My simplistic rationale for this feeling of greater constancy is as follows. Without Soylent, the food I am putting into my body depends on somewhat random factors - what’s close at hand, what looks good to the eyes, what others feel like eating, what’s cheap, what’s fast, how much food the restaurant decided to put on the plate. You get the picture. Both the quantity and composition of what I ingest, probably has wide swings. There is a randomness and imbalance to the inputs I am giving my body. Replace that with more constant and balanced inputs you get with Soylent and it’s no surprise that I feel more constant and balanced. A constant and balanced input seems to be producing a constant and balanced output in terms of energy level and emotional state.

Another way of looking at this is that my normal diet was just carbohydrate-laden, higher glycemic index, missing portion control and/or missing some micro-nutrients. Soylent just fixes all of that in one swoop.

Are there any studies on impact of Soylent on productivity or performance on tasks ? Would you describe your experience on Soylent as one of feeling more “constant” ?


I don’t think there’s any studies, but plenty of anecdotal evidence of people having more consistent, and higher, energy. I don’t think i’ve seen any that say they felt worse. A few complains about headaches, gas, and nausea, most of which went away after a week or 2, but nothing negative energy wise.

I personally feel like it allows me to complete 8 hours of work in 6.5 hours. I spend much less time thinking about food in general.


I’ve had a similar experience, my mood and energy levels are much more reliable than the usual daily up down up down I used to blame on the hormonal crap or on coffee. I’ve been in a good mood for three weeks, which is weird for me, especially this time of year. Far less of the familiar experience of dragging myself through daily tasks and flopping down on the couch for the evening, completely wiped. I cycle an hour a day in my commute, and have been doing ok so far this year. Last week I added 45 min on the elliptical in the gym on my lunch hour with no trouble and have cut most junk food out of my diet and have gone from 8 cups of coffee a day to six. I do two meals out of three of soylent and am considering switching over entirely as an experiment.


I had lower energy levels a few days after I first started, but I workout for a couple hours in the morning regularly; adding some protein powder remedied that though.


I do find myself thinking/planning less about food and also spend less time “recovering” from a meal.


I am considerably less irritable than I used to be before starting Soylent.


I have been drinking less coffee as well. From 2-3 cups down to 1 cup. Also, tried mixing instant coffee powder to give the morning Soylent a breakfast-y feel.


Did you like the taste?


Coffee is the dominant initial note with overtones of malt and wild rice. Hearty oat finish.


Not sure if it’s such a good idea to mix with coffee. There has been reports that it hampers iron absorption from vegan sources, which is all that Soylent has.


Didn’t know that @Panier but indeed here is the study abstract: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6402915 Coffee and tea taken with or 1 hour after a meal does have a dramatic effect on iron absorption. Same impact was not seen with coffee 1 hour before meal.


I certainly feel better since taking Soylent. 2 months now. I do get the slight headaches that some have mentioned. It is more like a slight pressure on the eyes.


Yes, I do feel more “constant”, on both a physical and emotional level. My whole life, I’ve rocketed between feeling anxious & feeling depressed, even when in therapy and/or taking medication. Soylent seems to have smoothed a lot of that out. I still experience fluctuations in mood (like any person), but not to such extremes. I think I also tend to be more emotionally balanced even in times of stress.

Physically, I feel simultaneously lighter and more anchored/balanced, and my energy is consistently higher. As mentioned previously, I used to have short bursts of energy, but it was anxious energy, so I would have trouble focusing enough to put it to good use, and I quickly wore myself out. Most days, I would drag myself home from the office and not have energy for much of anything but playing video games. I hardly exercised at all. I still have days like that, but they’re relatively rare. The increased energy has allowed me to slowly ramp up my exercise over time, so now I’m working out 4-5 times a week (in addition to walking 10K steps 6 days out of 7).

I NEVER had enough consistent energy to do that before, no matter what I ate, how much I slept, etc… so, yeah, A+ to Soylent. I think it’s pretty amazing, what it’s done for me. Obviously my experience is not going to be every person’s experience, but I’m really happy about its stabilizing effects.


Really glad to hear about your experience @katemcmillen Like you say, it is pretty amazing for some.

Now I am wondering if Soylent 2.0 will differ in its impact since soy has replaced the brown rice and oatmeal.