Feel strongly they should offer one bag sales for version 1.5


I’ve bought a week’s worth of every version (except 1.2) only to realize I couldn’t tolerate them. I’m a loyal supporter, should be forced to buy yet another week’s worth only to find it’s not a good fit for me? I know a lot of people felt burned when they tasted 1.4 and knew it wasn’t for them immediately. Really hoping they consider selling one bag samples, at least to returning customers.



Well that ties into the idea of sampler packs which I’m pretty sure has been discussed before.


Do you have any 1.3? I cannot stand 1.4 but I am trying to get as much 1.3 as I can.


Its pretty easy to get a single day’s worth of Soylent on eBay or Amazon already. I am sure it will be the same for 1.5 when it gets here.


Ooh! I have some 1.3 I’ve been looking to get rid of. After getting used to 1.4, the grittiness of 1.3 is kinda off-putting to me. I have six days’ worth. PM me and we can work out a price.


I think the increase in price on eBay and Amazon sales would be in effect if Rosa Labs sold such small quantities too, so I think this is the better solution to the posed problem.


Maybe if the company grows large enough they can start offering different versions of Soylent and different sizes instead of the one. Have a whole menu of Soylents.

They could even go the DIY route of adjusting Soylents for different types of people. Those who work out intensively, for example. Different health needs like celiac disease or diabetes.