Feeling Full on Soylent

Hello! I have started a 99% soylent lifestyle and am on day 5 of the journey. I drink 4-5 “meals” a day. I use the powder which is v1.8 and the 2.0. I find that it fills me up really well for about an hour, but then I am hungry again shortly after. I do drink it with a lot of water. Will my stomach adjust to this new way of living? I struggle mostly at night before bed, I am used to going to sleep with a satisfied and full feeling. I’ve come to drinking a soylent before bed to help ease the “not enough” feeling. Has anyone else experienced this? Does the stomach shrink after being on soylent for the long term? Would love some feedback! Thanks guys!

What were your eating habits like before Soylent? If you often over ate before, that could be a big part of it.

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A whole food plant based diet, i struggle with anorexia and don’t like the feeling of being “full on full” like to feel satisfied, but not stuffed. I am used to eating 2 gala apples before bed, or 1.5 cups unsweetened appllesauce, or 1 serving of oatmeal with almond milk. (1/2 cup uncooked makes about 1 cup cooked). Hopefully this will give you a better idea of where I’m coming from

My experience has usually been that I’m more full on Soylent than I am on normal food, so it seems kind of odd that you would be less full overall. How much water do you mix yours with? Would you say your Soylent is thin or thick?

Personally I make mine slightly thick and that seems to be ideal for me. When it’s thinner I seem to be less satisfied (even when eating the same amount of Soylent).

I use two scoops (86 grams, I measure it out with a food scale as well for better accuracy). Then i add two, 3/4 cups of water to the powder and mix it in a blender. sooo… That would be 1.5 cups of water. What water to soylent ratio do you recommend?

I will consume soylent over a span of a couple of hours, so that helps. I often put in psyllium husk and soylent in a blender bottle overnight to thicken up my morning batch then fill the blender bottle to the top with crushed ice chewing on the ice as I go along.

I find I feel more full from the 1.8 than with 2.0.

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I find that if I’ve been eating mostly muggle food lately, I do sometimes have trouble feeling satisfied with a Soylent meal. But after a few days of eating mostly Soylent, I adjust and feel satisfied by it. Not sure if it’s a stomach shrinking thing or not, but I imagine it could be – when I go back to muggle food after a period of consuming mostly Soylent, I find I get full more easily.

I also concur with @naten’s suggestion of adding a bit of fiber to bulk it up, if you don’t mind the resulting taste and texture and if you can tolerate it digestively (you might need to ramp it up slowly). I have typically used a combination of glucomannan and psyllium husk.


I find this very interesting… you say you’ve struggled with annorexia in the past, but on Soylent you’re not feeling like you’re getting enough food? This to me seems like a breakthrough. I wonder if you might not have felt much like eating before due to a deficiency which Soylent is filling, and you’re body is suddenly playing ‘catch up’. Listen to your body.

The amount of Soylent I consume has varied a bit over time and with my needs. What I’ve found is that with a ‘monotonous’ Diet, I’m more aware of what changes in my day to day have on my caloric needs. If you’re body says you need more, don’t fight it (unless your doctor says otherwise).



I don’t do mine in specific ratios, so I couldn’t say, sorry. I measure out the powder and then add as much water as I need. Just experiment and see what sort of thicknesses work best for you.

I’m still struggling with anorexia but am trying to get better by using soylent to get my nutrition. I normally ate a bunch of salad, fruit and steamed vegetable and felt physically full without getting the calories. The soylent doesn’t give me that physically full feeling if that makes sense. I’m just really afraid of the calories in soylent … because it doesn’t make me full and I always want me and am afraid it will make me fat :frowning:

I don’t know if this makes sense to you (only you can get inside you’re own head), but what I’d do is talk to your doctor about ‘recommended calories per day’. They will give you that number, and then you can stick to that as total calories (there are plenty of online calculators, but given the history, I’d prefer to have an MD weigh in on the appropriate number of calories. Soylent is pretty darned good nutritionally, and extremely easy to calorie count. If you find that you are gaining more weight than you should (again, I’d go on the doctor’s recommendation here, not your own impression, which may be skewed) you can fairly easily cut back on the total.


Spread out the “meals” I find 1 scoop and 6oz water does me good for about 2 hours.

I also find i helps a lot to “stay ahead” of hunger, i.e. don’t drink when you are hungry, but when you are feeling the very start of it. Difficult to do but seems to help.

…but then, I’ve only mastered replacing breakfast into 2 1 scoop servings.

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I’ll try to drink it before i get super hungry. I’m used to eating when I am full blown hungry and borderline ravenous and stomach is growling like mad XD I’ll try to make smaller 1 scoop servings! I usually put it all in a pitcher and pour out glasses when I am at home and take it with me in bottles to school and work.