Feeling full / satisfied?


Here’s a thing I’ve been wanting to ask everyone about. I find that when I eat a meal, I have to feel a bit full - not bloated or stuffed, but satisfied in the belly dept. I’m not sure that a 500ml drink, however viscous it may be, will leave me feeling as full as say a plate of mixed vegetables or pasta. If and when I get started with Soylent, be it DIY or official, I think the lack of feeling satisfied after a meal might be the thing that tempts me back to everyday food.

Does anyone feel the same?


I don’t feel that way at all, in fact quite the opposite. After a couple days on mostly Soylent (official only, no DIY for me), I’m so satisfied feeling all the time that when I do eat conventional food, I eat far less than I previously would have, and am still totally satisfied.


@vanclute has posted about this a bit on his youtube channel (check out about 30 seconds in, but he mentions it a few times in his regular blog entries). A few of the blogs out there chronicling the experience of Soylenteers detail that the mix of nutrients in the Soylent lead to satiety almost instantly after a few days of adjustment. It’d seem that having the nutrients one needs prompts this experience of satisfaction rather than a full belly.

Similarly, have you ever been full but still “craved” something wildly? Often this is because of a nutrient imbalance that the particular food satisfies.


ha! I just quoted you.


LOL yeah and you hit the nail on the head. It’s a feeling of satisfaction without feeling like my stomach itself is actually “full”, which frankly I find can be uncomfortable so is not missed.

We both have still had cravings to various degrees, her moreso than me. But then I’ve been having slightly less conventional food than she has… I kinda wonder if that’s a factor, that by continuing to have more frequent conventional food, it keeps the “craving mechanisms” (for lack of a better word) in play more than if you go mostly/all Soylent. Or maybe some people just lose cravings faster than others, I don’t know.

For me it’s less a craving like “I GOTTA HAVE ME SOME ICE CREAM!” or anything like that, it’s more like a yearning for something from the past, almost like a nostalgia. I’ll think about a bowl of cereal and think “gee that sounds really pleasant right about now… I think I’ll have me some.” And so I have a small bowl, find it delicious, and am quite happy. But I don’t, as I would have in the past, immediately feel like I want more, and more, and more. Same for other conventional foods I’ve had since Soylent. Once I have a small portion, I don’t feel the need for more even though it’s perfectly enjoyable.


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I haven’t had any issues feeling satisfied either. Its important to note, I haven’t been drinking Soylent in the same way I would eat solid foods, as in I never go “Oh its lunch time, time for a glass of Soylent.” I typically just sip on it throughout the day, just refilling whenever the glass is empty. On occasion I do forget and then get really hungry but 6 oz of Soylent later the hunger is gone. I don’t get the bloated feeling I would from solid meals but I’m definitely satisfied.


I see. I don’t really ‘crave’ any foods as such - although if you live in the UK as I do, walking past a fish & chips shop is pretty mouthwatering!

I’m thinking that I need a certain amount of mass or weight inside me to feel full. A meal of pasta would do it, but a pint of water wouldn’t.

Anyway, I’ve been watching some videos and I’m surprised to see how soon the people who drink Soylent are feeling satiated and their initial hunger is gone. I hope DIY Soylent has a similar effect.


Ha, I have the same issues with the walking around and smelling food. We don’t have fish & chip shops in New York but Halal carts are everywhere. They’ve always made my mouth water regardless of whether I’m on Soylent, so I guess its just something we’d have to get used to.


Yeah I suspect you’ll be surprised at how satisfying a liquid actually can be, at least with official Soylent. Don’t know about DIY personally.


Hey, @vanclute, I’ve been watching most of your youtube vids. Great work, man. interesting and inspiring too. Amazing to see how your thoughts and feelings change over time towards Soylent regarding taste and satisfaction .


It’s blown my mind too. In fact specifically about taste… check out my thread on how Soylent tastes different in different containers. It’s really wild but I appear to not be alone in noticing this. Going to do more investigation shortly! :wink:

But yeah for me even trying Soylent was wayyyy outside my normal comfort zone, but I saw it as the potential solution to something I’ve wanted to get rid of (at least mostly if not completely) my entire lift, so was willing to take the chance. I’m glad I did!!


In http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2013/08/ars-does-soylent-day-2-my-god-what-have-i-gotten-myself-into/, @Lee_Ars found he couldn’t even consume the entire day’s worth of Soylent, because he was too full:

Food is repulsive. I feel like I want to sew my mouth shut. I don’t want to ever consume anything again. No water, no Soylent, no chicken, no steak, no beer, no nothing. My stomach is done. I have broken it.

And yet, there’s still Soylent in the fridge, and I still have to drink it. At this point I don’t know if I feel depressed because I haven’t consumed enough nutrients or if I’ve consumed too many. My guts continue their awful Danse Macabre, but at least I have not yet pooped myself.

As the clock strikes five, I must head to the fridge and pour another cup. Pray for me.

In http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2013/08/ars-does-soylent-day-3-moderation-leads-to-actual-for-real-enjoyment/, he was relieved to hear from Rob that he didn’t have to force himself to drink it all:

I felt better than I’d felt at any point in the past 48 hours. Then, a bit before midnight, I got a pair of e-mails from two of the folks at Soylent, one from founder Rob Rhinehart and one from customer service vice president Julio Miles. “We encourage Soylent beta testers to decide how much Soylent they require in a day,” he said. Rhinehart had a similar message. They both tell me that I don’t have to actually eat the entire bag of Soylent.

As I read this, a weight fell from my shoulders. Tomorrow suddenly looked a lot brighter.


Yeah I definitely endorse the notion of “screw portions” and just let your body tell you what it needs. I seem to need considerably less “Soylent calories” (SCal?) to function optimally than “Normal calories”, as I consumed less than 40 ounces of Soylent and nothing else yesterday, and felt fantastic. I just have a sip from my thermos any time the urge strikes. Both of us have mostly taken to doing this, and it works really well. It also results in not using up every last drinking glass in the house every day! =)


Cool. Well, like everyone, when I finally (I’m in the UK remember) get some Soylent, I’ll start with 3 a day and see how I can adjust it to suit my hunger pangs.


Hmmm… When my soylent arrives I’m going to have to do some ice cream experimentation. Or maybe Soylent-cicles. Think it would work?


FWIW: Someone, somewhere on this forum, mentioned that they have a soft-serve ice cream machine they plan to run theirs through.


Yeah I suspect it will, there’s another thread (at least one) where people talked about makine Soylent ice cream - specifically that it really needs an ice cream maker because if it’s not stirred constantly while freezing, you get a concrete-like block of ice (at least that’s what the DIY folks found… dunno about official Soylent).

Soylentcicles… I dunno, but a little flavoring and some food coloring and you might just have something!


I’m the one with the soft serve machine… Can’t experiment with it yet, as I am still waiting on my 2-month shipment. I’ll definitely post a thread once I try it!


Semi-reasonable fear: is our satiety because of satisfying caloric intake or an overabundance of a nutrient that our body wants to avoid an overdose of? Is that reasonable?