Feeling full using Soylent 1.7 for the first time

Hello all,

I just ordered my first week’s worth of Soylent 1.7 after following the company since early last year (the backorders were just too long to wait through for me back then).

I’m just apprehensive about whether I will be feel full enough drinking it.

I primarily want to use it for breakfast and lunch during the work week, is it easy to portion 2 meals out of a bag? What’s your experience with feeling full in the beginning?
I’m 6’5 and 280 pounds so I’m used to eating… a lot.


I don’t think you should try to portion two meals out of a bag. Make a full pitcher and keep drinking part of it for several days. When you run out, make another full pitcher. If you consume two meals a day, a pitcher should last you about three days.

Don’t try to be too theoretical when starting out. Go with what feels right. You can make adjustments later.


I wouldn’t make a whole pitcher. If you don’t drink it in 48 hours, I’ve been told it gets sort of iffy, and there’s 5 portions in a pitcher, which you wouldn’t finish in 48 hours if it’s what you’re having for lunch and breakfast. I just have a little kitchen scale, portion out the amount of soylent I’ll need the night before (84 g is a 400 cal portion, so 168 g for breakfast and lunch), mix it up and use it the next day. It’s not very tasty if you eat it “fresh” (as in just after you mixed it) so that’s why I make it the night before.

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Thanks for the replies.

Is the scoop that comes with your first order the amount of one serving/meal?

I’ve never used it, but it says its 250 cal on the scoop, so two scoops comes out to 500 cal (good if you’re not trying to lose weight.)

Read the comments on this site and tell me how reliable reports are on how things taste! Your “sort of iffy” which you’ve been told is how three-day old Soylent tastes might be someone else’s delish!


That’s fair, I suppose. I just think I shouldn’t leave the algal oil sitting too long. I’m probably just paranoid, haha

Weird they would give you a scoop that doesn’t equal one of the 5 portions from the picture.

The serving size for powder used to be 500 calories, but recently they began listing it at 400 calories to make it comparable to a bottle of 2.0

I would try making custom meal sizes if you don’t want to make a full pitcher at a time. I usually make 400 calorie meals in a Blender Bottle to have them ready in the fridge. I use a scale to measure out 85 grams of powder at a time. You can always customize meal/serving size, as well. It’s roughly 96 grams for a 450 calorie meal; you can crunch the numbers for whatever amount you like and adjust the water amount accordingly.

As for feeling full, try drinking extra water with the Soylent meal, or perhaps a cup of coffee or tea.


Unfortunately they sent my Soylent bags yesterday which means they’ll get to me tomorrow.
That’d be awesome except…
They mailed the pitcher/scoop today which means I get to wait the weekend until I can use the Soylent without going out and buying unnecessary equipment.
That’s kinda crappy.

I’ve received shipments on Saturday, so there may be hope that you will get your pitcher/scoop earlier.

Sure, although a “portion” is, I suspect, just Rosa Labs’ vague suggestion of what you might want to eat in one go. People have widely differing sizes and appetites. 400 calories could be a large meal to one person, and a snack to another.


That’s true, hahah. I just meant there’s 5 portions in a pitcher according to Soylent.

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I think it’s difficult to make a scoop that reliably holds a given weight of a powder, because powder can be loose or compacted.

And as I mentioned above, “portion” and/or “meal” really is just a vague serving suggestion. My high school maths teacher (4’ 11", female, pretty slender) probably doesn’t want to eat as much as Dwayne Johnson (6’ 5", male, pretty bulky) in one sitting.

Thankfully, humans have this handy thing called hunger to give us an idea of when we need to eat more.

For the anecdotal record, I’ve had 4-day old Soylent (stored in the pitcher, closed, in the fridge) and been fine. Obviously everyone else’s mileage may vary.


I’ve mentioned this before, but I routinely go 3 to 4 days on 1 pitcher and have had no problems [that I know of].


Had 16 oz for breakfast… happy to report I actually feel full…