Feeling hungry. Is snacking problematic?


I’ve just started mixing and drinking my first Soylent recipe which I got off this discussion board. (Hacker School Soylent recipe.)

So far I’ve been getting hungry only a couple hours after each portion and hungrier still after finishing the entire daily ration. I felt somewhat weak during the day but I suspect that this may be due to simply not being used to eating this way, but I still feel dissatisfied and feel like I need more. I don’t want to ruin the recipe by snacking, since precise nutrition is entire point of Soylent.

Do you simply get used to it and start to feel more satisfied?
Is it a good idea to snack in the mean time?
Is there anything I can do to fix the recipe so it doesn’t leave me feeling so hungry?


I’m having the same problem, anyone have any thoughts?


If you post a link to your exact recipe, perhaps we can have a look at what you are having, also some details about yourself and lifestyle will help.



120 g oat flour
85 g soy protein from Trader Joe’s, unflavored
85 g olive oil
75 g brown sugar
25 g ground flax
20 g cocoa powder
15 g lecithin
up to 10 g potassium citrate or 20 g potassium gluconate
2 g iodized salt
1 g Emergen-C
1 Vitamin D supplement

I’m 24, 5’10, 190 lbs, I live a semi-active lifestyle being in the Army. I’m looking to gain energy and cut weight.

I can’t get the link to post, some error message about being a new user, but the ingredients are listed above.


The recipe itself says to add more olive oil,if you need to, and it sounds like you need to.
I’m 130lbs and I was quite comfortable drinking the basic Hackerschool recipe.


Be sure to calculate your basal metabolic rate, and then use this site to get a rough estimate of how much calories you need. Does your recipe provide you with enough calories?

Other users (search this forum) have noted that they do not feel full while on soylent: they learn that what they used to consider ‘slightly hungry’ is actually satiated. It takes some time to get accostumed to this new level of ‘fullness’ if you, like almost everybody else, are used to eating until full.

I, too, did not get really full on soylent. I realised that the 2000 calories I consumed were quite low for me (male, 5 ft 10 in, 140 lb, quite sedentary), especially since I did not want to loose weight. If I did not pay attention, I could drink all my daily soylent before it was time for an evening meal.

Tl;dr: check some websites to calculate your actual calorific requirement and possibly discover that you do not need to feel full.


I knew I wouldn’t feel as full as normal. But I do think I’m feeling excessively hungry. Is this just something which will improve over time?


It sounds more like you need more calories. That recipe gives you ~2100kcal, but according to this you need more like 3000kcal/day.


How long have you been on soylent? I had this issue for the first 7-10 days, after my stomach shrunk I do not feel as hungry anymore.


I literally just started. I’m mixing my third batch tonight.

Today I didn’t feel faint or weak at all, which is saying something since today was quite physically demanding. I still did feel incredibly hungry after my “lunch” portion and ended up snacking.

I think I’ll be fine if I can only find a way to feel a little more satisfied while my body adapts. How did you deal with this @Nom?


Thank you Rick I knew i would need more calories but not twice as much.
I’m 6 foot 4 inches, active and fit and according to your link need 4000 kcal/day and i was only making enough for 2500 kcal



Are you actively doing marching and other physical stuff in the army? Cause then your calories might be closer to the 4 or 5 thousand… the meals they serve you in basic are LOADED with calories for a reason…


I am 5’9 195lbs, 33 years and in the navy. I live a semi active lifestyle with a heavy emphasis on the semi. I have a good chunk of weight to lose and have been following a very slightly modified hacker school recipe also.

Depending on how active you are and how much weight you have to cut you may want to tough it out for a few days, it took me 3 or 4 to adjust to this new way of eating and now I am mostly craving free. I still eat solid food, probably 2 or 3 hearty meals a week, or snack here and there which keeps me sane. However if you are actually fairly active you very well may need to increase your calories.


I am experiencing the same and posted about it here: http://discourse.soylent.me/t/hunger-problem-with-diy-soylent/5586

Do you still have a problem with your hunger? Would be happy to hear an update from you!