Female with PCOS Trying Soylent

I am a 21 Female that has been diagnosed with PCOS or Poly-Cycstic Ovarian Syndrome. At my highest weight i have been 230 pounds. Currently i’m just under 200. i’m hoping that soylent will help my journey but i find that just starting out i feel very thirsty. my hunger is satisfied, but i’m scared to drink anything because i don’t know what would be safe to drink that wouldn’t effect the Soylent. any ideas?

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Soylent does not supply all your fluids for the day, and you need to drink to complement it.

Any low and no calorie drinks are fine if you’re trying to lose weight. Water is an easy and healthy option. I also drink lots of coffee and tea.


Yup, lots of water… No fruit drinks or soda… And the latest report for the 2015 US Dietary guidelines says the first 400mg of caffeine per day is fine as well…


how much tea would i be allowed because i’m a huge tea drinker?

Non-caffeinated teas?

The 400mg is not a hard limit… Just that up to 400mg (at least) is fine… Looks like the average cup of tea has 26mg so I’d guess up to 15 cups a day wouldn’t be any problem. No need to go caffeine free.


i don’t drink caffeine really. the closest i get is root beer and black tea. and one of those is way off the table and to the right hahaha. Greg you’re Awesome!!!

You seem to be operating under a common misconception about Soylent. Soylent isn’t a diet it’s a food and nothing more. You can have as much or as little other stuff as you want. I say drink as much fluid as it takes for you to not be thirsty.


i’m not after soylent for weight loss or for a diet. i have heard that it can help with it. but my big thing is i’m wanting to do a full reset of my body and this seems like the best way to do a healthy reset. once a healthy reset is done you can get a bit of a weight loss boost. it’s a common practice for PCOS


Coffee boosts the metabolism doesn’t it? But man, go to www.bodybuilding.com and there are some stupid, stupid people taking multiple GRAMS per day.

Anyway, to OP, my aunt had PCOS and I can’t say I’ve ever heard of this “reset” thing. You need to eat less and move more, plain and simple :slight_smile:

If you’re not drinking teas with caffeine or sugar, no worries. Drink whenever thirsty.

I sweeten with stevia… If I used s calorie sweetener in coffee and tea, I’d be in trouble, because I’d drink a lot of calories.

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Also drink tea using fresh powder always (aka freshly brewed?) as spent powders have more heavy metal concentrations in them.

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I don’t think it’s a realistic concern for most people, but drinking high amounts of black tea (16 cups) every day may have adverse effects: A Case of Iced-Tea Nephropathy.


What is a “full reset” of your body?


A full reset is kinda like how some health guru’s go on a detox before starting a diet. for PCOS you need to say way from high carbs and high sugars. so with Soylent i’m on control of the portions to flush through my system and then when i go back to food i’m not leaning heavily on carbs or sugars.

if you truly have someone in your family with PCOS you wouldn’t have busted out with the “eat less and move more, plain and simple” quote. That is one of the harshest things to say to someone with PCOS. i suggest if you do have someone that has PCOS in your family you read up before you hurt them deep.

I no longer have someone in my family with PCOS. I apologize if you took my comment as rude, that wasn’t my intention.

What exactly are you wanting me to read up on?

i’m sorry to hear about your aunt. and first and foremost PCOS is an endocrine disease it’s starts in the brain. in the pituitary and wrecks havoc on the body. learning about everything the endocrine system deals with would be a great place to start.

I know what the disease is, I just don’t see how that makes my advice harsh. I really didn’t mean to be rude but I don’t think what I said was mean at all.

PCOS is an invisible disease. by saying “You need to eat less and move more, plain and simple” it’s like saying to someone. “if you eat less you wouldn’t have heart disease” “if you exercised more you wouldn’t have cancer” “if you didn’t use metformin you never would have gotten diabetes”

the answer to all of this is. it’s not that simple PCOS pulls in so many factors. it’s not like you’re talking to someone that has a poor diet consisting of fried food and take out and that’s why they’re large. you are talking to someone that has something permanent, life threatening, and greatly unresearched and unknown.