Feminine odor after starting Soylent?


My girlfriend and I have been using Soylent for about 1.5 weeks. We usually substitute Soylent for breakfast/lunch and have a traditional dinner. In the last couple days we have noticed an odor when having sex that it definitely not normal for her. After a tearful talk we are determined to figure out if others are experiencing this and if soy lectin could be the culprit. She also started a women’s multi vitamin wheb we got on Soylent if that helps. Any ideas?


One question… Why did she start a multivitamin alongside Soylent? If there are any problems, it might be from significant overload of vitamins/minerals.


That’s exactly what I said! She wants to quit Soylent but I think dumping the vitamins is the smart move. Thanks!


Haha, yeah. Multivitamins are for compensating for a poor diet. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense on a nutritionally complete diet. Plus, some of the vitamins might be up at dangerously high levels when combined with Soylent. When it comes to nutrition, more is not always better.

I’d choose one or the other for health reasons alone.


She started the multivitamin on advice from a doctor so its going to be tough deciding which one to cut out.


I assume the doctor recommended it before she started getting her micronutrients from her food. If you would like to convince her to stick with Soylent, you may want to point out all the things in the vitamin that are also in Soylent. I personally stopped taking my multivitamin when I started on soylent. No regrets.

Good luck with this sensitive subject!


It’s pretty straightforward: she’s getting her multivitamin in her Soylent. Just look at a packet for clarity.


And, it’s always possible that your GF has another problem, like an infection, unrelated to the Soylent and vitamin supplements.


Sometimes a tampon gets left behind in there and starts causing problems. This has happened to two different women I know so I’m not just making this up. Hopefully this isn’t because of the Soylent, that would suck.


She’s now getting twice the amount of vitamins and minerals she needs or should be getting. That’s close to and even over the upper limit for some of them and isn’t good for her.


I agree that she should not double up on vitamin supplements - however, if that doesn’t work -

(I can’t believe I am posting this)
I’ve been doing the 100%FOOD diy soylent for 5 weeks now. It didn’t take long before I noticed a pleasant scent there. It’s been consistent the whole 5 weeks. Just saying.

I can’t fathom to guess why.


Might be related (or not) :smile:
Taking some vitamins in higher doses (not even dangeroues ones) will give you a stench when peeing. At least for some of us.


Depends on your previous diet and anything else you’re eating now, etc, but common advice for improving scent and flavor “there” for men and women is to cut down on caffeine and acidic foods (soft drinks, caffeinated tea, coffee) and increase your potassium intake, which is shockingly-difficult to get an adequate amount of on a typical western diet. Potassium isn’t the only thing to help, but it’s the most commonly-cited one that I’ve seen; basically: less junk and more fruits and veggies (IE, better nutrition) tend to help in that area.

But we are unique snowflakes, all, so there’s always room for variation.


Check her PH?