Ferrell's nutrition coach says no to soylent

Has anybody had experience with Ferrell’s? I just started the 10 week challenge and the want me to reduce soylent to one or two servings and eat"real food" more often. They don’t think my body will know what to do with soylent.

I was using it for 4-5 of my 5 meals a day.

Soylent is a food item, it’s not like your body will get confused by it. Just make sure you’re getting the protein you need for intense cardio and strength training.


Obviously they don’t know anything about it, but you can take their 10-week challenge and go back to Soylent if you want to.


Yes I know that but I was looking to see if any others had experience with explaining that to Ferrell’s.

There is an old saying that it is impossible to explain anything to someone whose livelihood depends on their not understanding it.


True. I figured it was best to just go with what they want. If I win the $1000 I can use that to buy more soylent afterwards.

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How exactly are these people going to know what you are eating?

If anything for the next 10 weeks I would do a bodybuilding DIY.


They want a weekly food log.

Fill the log with Soylent and show them you can still win while eating healthy food, even if it is suspended in a liquid.


So lie


And you can’t lie? Or stretch the truth? :blush:


They asked nicely. I’ll find a happy balance. They are just teaching what they’ve been taught.


Might be a chance to teach them something new. But seriously a bodybuilding DIY might make a better lesson for them… Or at least adding enough whey protein to meet your no doubt higher requirements.


In my ignorance, I thought Will Ferrell had a nutrition coach who hated Soylent.


Any idea what your calorie and protein requirements will be during this program?

They use palm sized protein, first sized carb, and a vegetable every 2-3 hours. They want men getting 23-25 grams of protein each meal.

They don’t talk about calories. They want us to eat whole grains, fresh veggies, lean proteins. They want us to avoid boxed, canned, and processed foods.

They give us one day a week to eat whatever we feel like eating but want us to be strict with their program the other 6 days.

Will be more of a hassle than soylent but DIY is not interesting to me and my wife will help with meal prep and would be happy to eat the Ferrell meals with me (with fewer carbs).

Well then I would suggest wandering over to the Soylent calorie guesstimater. It will give you a good idea of where to start.


As far as how much protein you will need I would suggest 1.4g per kg of body weight (0.64g per lb of body weight).

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I am a Farrell’s nutrition coach. I know the program fairly well. In the program, I can’t recommend Soylent, and I do try to steer users away from prebottled protein shakes, bars, and other drinks of that type. However, I actually use Soylent, myself, for at least a meal a day. We also allow for shakes and bars when needed. Because good nutrition regularly is more important. So better to eat a bar or shake than to skip a meal.

When I went through my 10 weeks, I used Soylent. My coach was more open to it. Generally most people in this line don’t understand Soylent, so it is up to you.

I won my 10 weeks…

It is hard to say how to approach this, because nutrition coaches are different everywhere. You can put your foot down on it, but it could affect their decision when it comes to the challenge winner.


Thanks. Yeah, I figured I’m in their house and will play by their rules. I do like the workouts and the class structure. My wife is helping me with the hassle of having all those meals prepared and ready to go each day.

Once the 10 week challenge is over I’ll switch back to soylent and if I continue on as a fit member I’ll tell them to watch and see what my body does with soylent. But for the challenge with prize money at stake… may as well not rock their boat.

With good attendance and proper nutrition support, it is a very effective program. In a year and a half, I have lost 60lbs while developing a lot of muscle. Without actually running, I dropped my mile time from about 11 minutes to 6.5, the fastest I have been since high school. I am a big fan.

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