Fiber alternatives?


My Soylent is currently very thin requireing me to drink a very large volume to be satiated.

I figured adding fiber should help by adding bulk (currently none)

I wanted to order for my fiber source in Soylent, but it wont arrive until May 20th.

I obviously dont want to wait that long so I was hoping someone knew of alternatives that I could pick up at the local grocery/health food store.


What about fiber?

I visited 2 different health stores in a local shopping centre, and both pointed me to Psyllium husk powder.


That is what I used and it came quickly. When I look at the page it says that it can be here overnight. Are you trying to order it from a company that sells through amazon rather than from amazon?


I tried to set it up as a subscribe and save, but I just ordered one now and it worked and should be 2 days… Well, I already grabbed some psyllium husk powder, so I Ill compare them and see how they stack up… I’ll post back the results

Thanks guys


Ah, yeah when you do subscriptions there is a set day of the month when everything that you are getting for the month arrives (to save shipping costs). So your day must be the 20th and they couldn’t get it to you by then with their subscription shipping speed.