Fiber Gummies OK?

Went to the gym for the first time in forever today, and happened to walk by a GNC on the way back as there’s a shortcut through the mall.

I figured I could get some kind of “fiber pill” to use instead of the psyllium husk fiber I’ve been using to help me out with Soylent. All they had were “fiber gummies” as an alternative.

Now, I know the psyllium husk is what everyone around here seems to recommend but after I bought the gummies and went to take one, I don’t think it uses that. It’s basically polydextrose, water, gelatin and xylitol.

So is that just as good? Also what’s the difference between the soluble and dietary fiber?

Also what’s the difference between the soluble and dietary fiber?

SUBSET, if we are talking about eating.

I use polydextrose in my DIY (Honeyville accidentally sent me a bag of it instead of maltodextrin and told me to keep it). It’s a nice fiber, a little sweet, not rough, and reminds me of a much more subtle version of cotton candy.

Gummies sound nice. If I were you I’d make sure I know how much fiber is in each one; I imagine it’s mostly water and gelatin by mass. I’d also guess it’s best to take it along with Soylent instead of on its own, but I don’t know for sure.

I have some fiber gummies containing 2*2g of fiber (inulin from chicory root) per day, whenever I feel hungry or simply bored. And since it comes in gummies, sometimes I double the dose…