Fiber sources for Europe


What are you all using for Fibers?

Having difficulty finding something adequate and affordable that I could put into my soylent. is the closest I can find, but gbp 16 for 30 days is far from perfect.

Got almost all other things figured out (for Ireland anyways), will post my list shortly :slight_smile:

What about fiber?

Although I haven’t researched much on fibers, I’ve been thinking to get it from vegetable stems, cereals or similar cheap sources, but always staying wary about other ingredients, avoiding to overdose on something else.

As I also live in europe (greece) I’m quite interested on your suppliers, shipping costs and customs are an issue for me.


It’s all to be in the drink and it shouldn’t take long to prepare, so I think mashing up ceral or something like that is not an option.

I was at the shopping centre today, popped into 2 health stores.
When looking for the cheapest usable source, both pointed me to the same thing:

Psyllium husks.

My chosen source for now (amazon uk, powdered, because I want my drink to be a bit smoother) works out at €0,37 per 20g, which will be the daily amount for now.


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Virtually. Not much digestible about the husks. :smiley:


I split my carbs 50/50 between Maltrodextrin and Instant Oats. (

Gives me way more than the UK / EU RDA recommendations (which are different to the US RDI recommendations) and I still think over the US recommendations.


I don’t know if this could help you out (because the shop is german) - but I found some fibre-powder I’m currently using, and it’s ca. 0.24€ per 20g.
Also learned that bakery supply-shops often have this kind of stuff quite cheap.


fiber is one thing, but how are you intending to get all those other mendeleyev chart ingredients like molibdenum, manganese etc? they don’t seem to be widely available… or you are just planning to ignore these?



Have a look at the links in the spreadsheet in that thread. :slight_smile:
Molybdenum I have in powderform, and there is sufficient Manganese in the multivitamin tablets I will crush up.
All the other stuff is also there… ^.^


oh, coolness! i like your spreadsheet, i’d do it the same way basically. great it’s buyable, i feared the rarer stuff won’t be attainable by mere mortals. thanks :slight_smile: