Finally decided to get my recipe up on the interwebs


Odd that the autofill didn’t have any other record of calci-k , or the spirutein as I jacked those ideas from someone else on here.

its showing lethal amounts of phosphorous and calcium for some reason but it works fine on my breakdown

I also add more inositol but didnt want to bother adding a new entry on that, and I have a phytonutrient blend that I pinch into it.

I’m also just now finally getting through the last of my mag ox, switching to citrate, but its 1:30 am here so again, didn’t want to bother with a whole new entry.

The mix of pea and whey was to bring cost down.

The spirutein is fairly costly per day as you can see, especially considering I’m then having to add a bunch of capsules to make the numbers work. the other contender is this little gem

Still leaves holes though and you get cyano as b12 and k1…

whats everyone think?


Nice looking recipe. What is the Methylsulfonylmethane for?


Interesting, you accomplished so little with such a humongous expenditure.


Humongous is relative. @schulte257 is creating his own thing. He’s one good multi-vitamin/mineral, and a little tweaking, from a solid recipe…that meets “his” needs. For all I know, he has a high six-figure income, in which case, this recipe is no hit on his wallet. Maybe he just has different priorities.

However, just to be at least a little helpful, I’m going to suggest that he removes the MSM from the recipe. The whey and pea protein have more than enough sulfur-containing amino acids to meet the daily sulfur requirement, and he can save 5 cents per day.


I actually broke down the sulfur containing parts of both the pea and whey , hence the 0dd 2.17 gram daily of msm needed.

My math might have been off though.


So little in what manner?

The idea wiyh this was to get to the rda’s without overloading on vitamins and minerals.

In some cases (chromium comes to mind) its simply a lack of study that leads us to believe no adverse effects occur from taking too much.

Lots of the dri studies were based on small incomplete sample sizes and i wanted to make a recipe that, for once, didnt give you megadoses of everything in the book.


Yeah, I thought that sulfur in whey was about .027 grams per 1 gram of protein and a little less than that in pea. If my figures are correct, you already have a surplus of sulfur without the MSM.


I have to say, I’m confused by this recipe. When I applied the FDA 2000 cal nutrient list, it says that you are well above the UL on Phosphorous (>5000%)-is that an error in the database, also above the UL on calcium, while being under on fiber, vitamin D, vitamin C, chloride (definitely an error in the database), and chromium.
All of these may simply be errors in the nutrient values input on the ingredients, however, one problem that probably does deserve rectification is your omega 6:3 ratio, which is currently around 23:1, while most nutritionists recommend 1:1.

Heres My attempt at a similar idea-attempting not to go overboard on any nutrients

EDIT: it appears your phosphorous is caused by a problem where 200mg in spirutein was input as 200g. Calcium still appears to be a real problem though


Ill have to take a look tomorrow. Thanks for catching the phosphorous glitch.

I take a chromium pill too, didn’t add that apparently.

Good to see another recipe attempt in the same vein

Can’t for the life of me remember why coconut oil is involved at all though


You don’t need the methylsulfonylmethane. Add a tiny bit if you don’t think you’re getting enough sulphur, but your protein should have you covered.