FINALLY finished my formula - take a look! (Google Docs)


It would be cheap if it weren’t for the macronutrients…

Any recommendations for products that won’t LOSE my percentages but cheaper? Most of the links are from - I have a store where I live so some of the products might be on sale too.

It took me forever with a lot of questions and research (how to properly calculate the different vitamins with different ingredients for example)…


It’s also high in price also because I’m not using oats. I guess I could back track and add that in there, but I do know it’ll probably throw the vitamins & minerals off…

Also I don’t have many carbohydrates there either because of initial monitoring. I’m going to drop a few pounds and slowly add some until I maintain.


I don’t understand, it doesn’t seem to cost that much? Unless the daily cost is wrong (or I can’t figure out your graph, which is a definite possibility) it seems to be less than most of the formulas I’ve looked at on here.
For example, I have a much, much higher initial cost than you ( and our daily costs appear to be around fifty cents of each other.

WAIT nevermind I figured it out.
Okay. If I were you, I’d try to maybe buy some things in bulk? Also Carbo Gain is just maltodextrin. You can get it for much cheaper if you don’t buy “brand name” or whatever.



I’ll take a look at yours tomorrow and rigorously break it down with my spreadsheet and see if I can make comparisons. Yours seems complete at first glance. I don’t know why I’m trying to perfect this so much.


If you plan on sticking with this, I’d suggest buying the fifty pound bag of maltodextrin from Honeyville. Also shop around for protein…I found a ten pound bag for seventy six-ish dollars, including shipping.