Finally got my hands on a weeks worth of Soylent, and I'm very disappointed!


So some nice people over on /r/Soylent helped me out by mailing a week if I covered shipping and nothing else…so now I’m on my day 2 of official Soylent and after reading everyone’s topics on here, I’m very disappointed!

The taste is ok to me, I can choke down just about anything…so the taste didn’t worry me too much. I’d say it tastes like a multivitamin chewed up with a hint of vanilla. I don’t really like the way it smells or after I burp when drinking it. The chalky taste, I kinda like. I’m not experiencing the grit very much or it’s not bothering me.

I’ve been mixing it up 1 meal at a time, and damn if that’s not messy haha. The week didn’t have a pitcher or a scoop so I’m just eyeballing 2 ~2/3 cups and doing about the same (bit more) for water. Other than the mess, it goes together pretty easily for me. I’m just using the Thermos insulated cold drink thing.

Well, the disappointment, after reading all these reviews, is the lack of gas. I built up a fair amount of gas after sitting through a funeral today…but it’s no more than I could have without Soylent. And after releasing my inner trumpeter, there was no smell. Why am I drinking this Soylent if I can’t experience all the gassy fun?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Overall, great product. I’m currently sipping on my dinner meal, I added 2.5 tsp of Nesquick choco mix and I like that very much. I’m also going to sip it this time. Last night I experimented with adding double water and it tasted not great, so I just chugged it and this morning I had to chug a meal for breakfast/lunch on the way to the church.


Drink it and they (gas) will come. You just have to believe.


Don’t mess with my mind right now… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anything without dairy in it, it’s likely to not bother me too much. I’ll be sure to report back my experiences and keep my fingers crossed.


Well that didn’t go the direction I was expecting.


Just mix with milk, and you too can enjoy unleashing the wonderful effect of chemical gasses on the unsuspecting masses!


I didn’t experience any gas problems until about three or four days into it. Give it time.

I like to use Hershey’s special dark cocoa powder. I found that took away the aftertaste for me ( and made it taste much better ).


Thanks for the suggestion, I don’t have any dark powder handy. Gonna let the wife try some later tonight so I found a large container to mix up a batch and put into the fridge so we’ll prob try different flavorings.


I only had small amounts of enjoyable gas the first few days :slight_smile: I then had a few large glasses within short time… And I was farting a lot afterwards… This leads me to believe the farting is mainly because people consumed too much too fast when they ended up farting too much :slight_smile: I am on my last day of Soylent myself and Nesquik is the best :slight_smile:


While looking on Amazon, I just saw there’s banana Nesquik available in other countries. Looks like you can buy some on Amazon.

I might look into getting some of this once I get my regular Soylent shipment.


YOU ARE MY HERO!!! I’ve been longing/looking for this for a while now, since they discontinued it in the US. It was my favorite. Thanks for the share!


Or, if you’re just looking for banana milkshake flavor, I bought some LorAnn Oils Banana Cream flavoring, and while I used it with a light touch it seems to do the trick.


Oooo an intentionally misleading subject line! We have been tricked by a master ruseman!

As long as you’re actively dragging down the signal to noise ratio here why don’t you regale us with some of your favorite puns and knock-knock jokes?


On day 3 and still no adverse gas effects. Can someone on the team confirm I have a defective product ?

My normal meals would be skip breakfast, sometimes eat lunch (fast food) and regular food dinner. Right now, I’m taking 1 meal for breakfast/lunch and I have it drank usually in the first few minutes of my work day. No lunch needed and a light dinner of whatever.

I don’t feel like I have any more or less energy. I forgot to add salt today and no headaches, though I did snack on a few pretzels last night before bed and I had a diet soda for “lunch” so I got extra sodium. No abnormal bathroom visits, gas or urination. I’ve always had maybe a mild case of IBS but moreso lactose issues and if I were to eat a cheeseburger for lunch I’d need a bathroom usually fairly soon after…I don’t experience this with Soylent.

So after 2 days nothing but Soylent and today breakfast/lunch and spaghetti for dinner, I’m very impressed and I really enjoy the convenience of it all. I’ll definitely subscribe to the 2 weeks soon as I get my intial order. :stuck_out_tongue: