Finally started on my DIY


Hello, my name is ruipacheco and I’m a soylenter.

I’m taking baby steps with a DIY formula I found. It tastes terrible but that’s because of the quality of the ingredients I’ve sourced. I understand that if I want to have a full meal replacement I need the best ingredients possible but right now I just want to have a feel for how this is done. If I so much as get a whiff that I might be unwell I’ll immediately jump on a plate of spareribs.

Now, one thing that I can’t overcome is the hunger. I grabbed that formula, divided all the macros by 3 and prepare those amounts per meal, usually just breakfast. But I’m always hungry. My stomach is empty, my head is spinning, I can’t focus. I think I am getting enough calories but I’m not sure if that’s my overly optimistic brain compensating or what.

So, what’s your opinion? Is it supposed to be this way? Will my stomach get used to being empty and my body to receive calories from liquids? Am I even doing the right thing? Are we alone in the Universe? What is the meaning of life?


With my DIY Soylent I was actually surprised by how filling it was. The first day I felt bloated from drinking too much too fast, and had to cut back my serving size, so based on my experience I have to say feeling constantly hungry is not normal. I notice the fiber in that recipe is super low compared to the more standard nutrient profiles. While it doesn’t provide energy I’m pretty sure fiber does play a big role in informing your body how much you’ve eaten.

As for your other questions: Your body will get used to eating a good Soylent recipe. I don’t know enough about ketogenics to know whether the recipe you’ve chosen is a good one, so I can’t say whether you’re doing the right thing. It’s highly unlikely we’re alone in the universe simply because the universe is really big, and the meaning of life is happiness and compassion for your fellow beings.


Paging @rvalsera to the thread.


I have my entire day of DIY in the fridge and just pour a small glass every 3 hours. I use to drink more but was bloated. This has kept me from any hunger pains.


But is it filling? Do you feel hungry when you’re done or not?


[quote=“ruipacheco, post:1, topic:13350”]
So, what’s your opinion? Is it supposed to be this way? Will my stomach get used to being empty and my body to receive calories from liquids?[/quote]

I’ve played around with a couple of my own keto recipes. I have found the that a good tasting keto recipe is hard to get, I certainly prefer the taste/texture of my regular mixes so far. So your issues with flavor may be in part due to lower quality ingredients, but may also be due to the nature of this type of recipe.

I did not have issues with feeling full, but did intentionally include fiber from the start. I belive the recommended amount of fiber is 14g/1000kcal, so you may try upping the fiber in your recipe to about 32g to reflect this.

Keep in mind that even though it is finely processed, you are still drinking some solid material, so your gut does still get to work those solids, and you can process all of the calories well.

Maybe check out a couple of other recipes as well to see if they sit better with you, hopefully you can source ample ingredients where you live to experiment. @QuidNYC has a couple that look promising, I’ll post my own up when I get around to writing the notes section.

There is life beyond what we can see.



The biggest side effect of my first DIY soylent - was gas.
Then I got tired of the grits.
Third - heart-burn feeling because the fiber consumed all the water.

But step by step I polished my formula.
I wish you luck on your way @ruipacheco I think you will cope with your side-effects quickly:)



Since Soylent is nutritionally complete and in liquid form, you are better off drinking it many times throughout the day rather than in 3-4 “meals.” Ironically, this is what nutritionists and diet-minded MDs recommend as well (my primary care physician says this, for example).

I find my energy level is more even if I just sip it throughout the day, every half hour or hour. I figure it helps keep micros and macros slowly flowing to my cells which are happy campers thanks to all the good stuff they are receiving.


Hi Riupacheco.

apart from the quality of the ingredients, also, keto tastes worse. it has bearly any sweetness that could come from the maltodextrin, and a shit load of saltyness from the fats. The first day I did it, I wasn’t able to finish off my daily dose. I ended up eating some peanuts at night.

I decided to add vanilla flavouring to that recipe, and it got better. It reminded me, a little, of macadamian icecream (I don’t like that taste either, but at least it was better than that raw cookie dough taste)

also, chill it. prepare it at night and let it chill in the fridge over night. it’s quite better. coldness hides the taste. prepare the whole batch for the next day and let it chill.

that hunger sensation… the first days I was craving solid food. I missed it. even when I wasn’t hungry I wanted to eat, just for the pleasure of eating. I had to stay strong. after a few days I started seeing that “hedonistic hunger” pattern we suffer.

my experience with that formula, riupacheca, was that after 3 days I got over that psicological hunger fase, and then after another 3 days or so I got out of the adaptation fase. week two was a lot better.


That hunger phase is commonly referred to as the "Keto Flu"


Not sure its the same thing. I was not in any way in ketosis, I was just hungry because I didn’t eat any solids and that made me question whether I was getting enough nutrients.

@rvalsera What’s the purpose of lecithin?


Lecithin is an emulsifier (keeps the drink mixed and helps prevent separation) It also has small amounts of Choline in it.


it has calcium, magnesium, phosphurus and choline. in my recipe, it also amounted to 127 calories (from fat and carbs)

as @j8048188 says, it’s main purpose is to act as an emulsifier.


@j8048188, keto-flu symptons have more to do with feeling fatigued, sleepy, dizzyheaded, and it is due to a lack of electrolytes. the amount of these that need to be ingested on a keto diet is a lot more than the amount needed on diets with carbs. if you up your intake of electrolytes when suffering the keto-flu, you will almost immediately feel better.

I would bet this hunger issue has more to do with psycological effects than biological, but only Riupacheco can know.


I haven’t been able to try the recipe again, but I definitely will go back to it next week.


Redid the recipe with Lecithin this time. I had half of it for breakfast and I’m definitely feeling fuller. I suspect that’s because for breakfast my stomach isn’t yet expecting much solid food so I sort of got away with it.

The flavour is between horrible and terrible, with a sprinkle of “Jesus fucking Christ”. I will need to get better protein powder, mine tastes too much like whey, and something to mask the flavour of olive oil and butter.

But hey, I’m getting there. One almost vomited meal at a time.


I found that sucking on a square of chocolate that is 99% cocoa helps immensely with removing the flavour off my mouth after consuming my abomination.

Also, no more hunger pangs. I took a glass of it at 9am, more or less 500 calories, and am now, 12 o’clock, starting to feel hungry.


Do you know yet which specific ingredient lends most to the offending flavor? Try tasting them individually to see what you find most revolting and experient with different brands when you find out. I know some olive oils are much better than others, so if that is one of the offenders it may be worth trying a few brands. Cinnamon may help. Also, flavored proteins are worth a try. Keep us posted.


I’m going to remove the whey protein. It’s the one I use when I go to the gym and when I bought it I wasn’t really worried about the taste as I saw it as a necessary evil. Now that I may have to live on it for much longer than expected, I’ll have to go with a brand that tastes minimally decent.

Apart from the taste, this recipe powered me through a whole day of work doing C++ (no, really) plus one crossfit class where I blew my time. And a natural and pleasant consequence of high fat diets is that I had no sugar crashes during the day, which stabilised my mood.

I’m seriously impressed with the ketogenic diet.


If you ever want to try another whey protein, I found this one to be pretty mild tasting and used to use it in my DIY (which I gave up on long ago). I’ll probably end up mixing some of it into each batch of my official Soylent when it eventually gets here as I think I’ve still got nearly half a can left.

Correction: My 5 lb canister is still nearly full. I’m playing with the DIY site right now to make my own nutrient profile and see what I’d need to add to official Soylent to make it match up. I think I can just throw all my ingredients on there and use (which I should really re-write in Python or something) to get the amounts all worked out.