Finally tried Squared

Wow what a disappointment. Maybe I built them up too much in my mind… but these are nowhere near what I expected. I’ve only tried Citrus Berry and Chocolate Brownie so far. Berry is nowhere near a Starburst candy (which I love btw) and instead is a slightly fruity almost-but-not-quite-as-good-as-a-power-bar concoction. Edible, but only just.

Chocolate brownie is much the same only instead of aiming for Starburst and missing, it aimed for Tootsie Roll and missed. Again, edible… but only just. Definitely not something I would look forward to. I’m sure I’ll finish off these boxes over time since we already bought them, but… doubtful I would order again. I’m so bummed.

My other half found them to be too sticky for her to eat, period. She also didn’t find the flavors all that appealing but the larger issue for her was the stickiness.

So there you have it. I’m happily staying with liquid Soylent and still fantasizing about a Soylent solid product that was actually tasty. :frowning:


Just tried the salted caramel, and it’s actually kinda good. Not great… but better than the other two. I could see myself maybe ordering this one again. But that’s still a maybe. Will see how I feel when I get through more of the box.


The chocolate one almost tastes like chocolate, but the only real taste I could find was the sweet’n’salty bits in it. The bars are so oily that I just used the packaging to hold onto the bars so that I didn’t have to touch it directly.

Yeah I do the same, hold it in the wrapper. It’s actually quite convenient.

That’s why they’re not selling any sample packs of them, need to rope you in for the full screw factor.

I love them! Quite a substantial 100 calorie snack with some actual nutritional value. I have the Chocolate Brownie and the Salted Caramel and will definitely reorder. The Citrus Berry I didn’t think I would like but I have a box on order to try them as well. The texture and flavor is so much better than the bars which I kept hoping would come back.

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They are continuing to grow on me. At this point I intend to re-order the chocolate and caramel. The jury is still out on berry…

I ate through my 3 boxes waaaay too fast… today is the 12th day since they were delivered and I have 5 left so that’s 8.5k calories on top of my normal meals in 11 days :frowning: (to be fair, a lot of them were in combination or instead of my normal diet but I would say at least 50% of them were on top of my normal diet).

I feel good though. But the first time I bought them when they first came out, it took me much longer to go through them and I don’t remember eating like 6 in a row and feeling like I could eat even more (and not because they don’t fill me up but because I had the munchies and they were delicious).

In the original ‘Squared Review’ thread I said that Berry was my favorite (but only at night, it is kinda gross in the morning) but that Salted Caramel would be the most versatile. Fast forward to present day and Berry is clearly my 3rd choice but still find it enjoyable (at night) and Chocolate Brownie and Salted Caramel are more of a 1A/1B situation. Chocolate Brownie has a higher ceiling (it is my favorite under the right conditions) but Salted Caramel has the higher floor (and I still find it to be the most versatile, it doesn’t feel like a desert to me as much as Chocolate Brownie does… even though I think Salted Caramel is sweeter).

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