Financial Times: "Lunch with the FT: Rob Rhinehart"

Here is a link to a story about Rob Rhinehart eating things other than Soylent, and other fascinating topics.


It looks more like a subscription ordering page to me.

Hmm, it worked for me. I edited it the redirect link; see if that works for you.

I haven’t read the comment section yet, but here are my predictions:

“Soylent Green is people!” (or some variation of the reference) (x5)

“They’re taking the joy out of food!”

“Way too expensive.” (doesn’t realize he pays +$100 more than Soylent costs going out to eat every month)

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I’d tentatively hope one gets a better class of commenter on the FT.

I’m sure they’ll say the same things, but with fancier phrasing and impeccable grammar.


This was a good article, and it was great to revisit the famous Clifton’s Cafeteria as well.


My favorite part was about his love life.

I am such a romantic at heart.


This is a great article. Mr. Braithwaite is a great writer. I also agree and have been saying for years (I am a senior). We no longer get up with the dawn - go out to take care of the livestock and then come in to eat breakfast. I do not eat till around 10 AM because I sit at a computer. I drink coffee/espresso with some heavy cream (again from my country days). At 10 or so I drink a bottle of Soylent and then do not eat again till 2 or 3. Usually a real meal that is mostly vegetarian. I have been on this routine for 4 months now and love it. Fits my lifestyle.