Find Cures For Anti-Social Behavior - Scientists find ingredient that prevents junk food cravings



Is this a joke? They gave them the supplement in the form of a MILKSHAKE??


They mixed the ingredient (inulin-propionate ester) in a milkshake.


Interesting. Do you have a link to the actual study, or at least an article about it? It’s not linked from the video description.



Very cool, thank you.



This also suggests how people’s different gut microbiota might create different levels of impulse to eat high-calorie foods.


Interesting. Thanks.


Text version, for people like me who hate sitting thru videos. :grin:



This is interesting, thank you. I’m a bit suspicious from just one study, I hope more are done and this is looked into. Could be really useful!


I still think I could take an overdose of the stuff and still want burgers and cheesecake, though. That crap tastes way too good, full stop.