Finding a balance


I receive my one week order of 1.3 about a month ago and was eager to try it because my stomach has it always been an issue for me. I decided that I would try Soylent exclusively for 7 days and see how I felt. The first couple of days I had a lot of gas and the same amount of bloating that I usually do. However, after the first two days my stomach felt flattered and I felt better than I have in years.I was really excited to see that a diet plan finally worked for me to help my digestive issues. I got my reorder in for two weeks because I didn’t plan on drinking it all the time because only drinking soylent became rather boring. My diet before consisted mostly of fruit before so I was hoping to create a mixture of fruits with the majority of my diet being soylent. However I am finding it hard to find the right balance of soylent-food ratio without going over my caloric limit. Do you guys have any suggestions or experiences on how you balance it out through out the day?


Get a calorie tracking app like FitBit or MyFitnessPal.