Finding a cheaper whey

I currently use in the 5 pound quantity. I know I could go up to the 10 pound but that doesn’t really solve my problem. So I need a cheaper source of more or less equivalent whey or other protein (something that’ll be similar in terms of its health and cheaper, if possible). Thank you for your time.

Myprotein are pretty good and have a nice range of flavours.

You’ll find using concentrates to be cheaper than isolates.

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What are the differences? What negatives are there to using concentrates?

Basically, isolate is processed to remove even more of the carbs and fats, meaning for every 100 grams of an unflavoured isolate, there are around 90 grams of protein, whilst with a concentrate, there are around 80. However, isolates in my experience have always been more than 9/8 the cost of concentrate, so is worse value purely from a per gram of protein basis.

Isolates also contain slightly less lactose due to the removal of more of the carbs, but the difference is very small.

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Isolates are typically 90+% protein concentrates are anywhere from 30% to 80% protien. The concentrates may be cheaper by the pound but you have to use more to get the same amount of protein. That equates to fewer serving per pound and possibly a higher dollar amount in the end.

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The ones I linked (myprotein) are generally 75-80 grams of protein per 100 grams, and will work out cheaper than what OP is currently using. Most concentrates I’ve seen (of whey anyway) are around 80%, some even reach 85.

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But you get fewer servings per pound meaning you will have to buy it more frequently. In the long run it could end up being more expensive.

Say you have an 80% concentrate and a 90% isolate and you need 57g of protein per day. You would need 63.3g of the isolate and 71.25g of the concentrate. A pound is 453.6g so you would get 7.2 serving of isolate and 6.4 serving of concrete per pound. So a 10 pound bag would last about 2 months on concentrate or little under 2.5 on isolate or about 6 bags a year vs. 5 bags a year give or take. So is the concentrate still the cheaper choice? If so then I admit defeat on this point.

From my own research, I have found concentrates tend to have a lower daily price than isolates. However it is a fair point that I have not taken postage costs into this as I often buy in large enough bulk that they stop being a significant part of the cost. For OP, an easy calculation to work out which is better value would be (total cost per unit mass of concentrate / grams of protein per 100 grams) / (total cost per unit mass of isolate / grams of protein per 100 grams). If the answer is less than 1, concentrate is better value, whilst if the answer is greater than 1, isolate is better value.

For example, using OP’s current isolate and the concentrates I linked:

10 pounds of isolate for $119.98
11 pounds of concentrate for $84.99

I’m unsure of shipping for either, but we’ll say free for the isolate and $10 for the concentrate, bringing total for the 11 pounds to $94.99.

Therefore prices per pound are:
Isolate - $11.998
Concentrate - $8.635

The concentrate is 80% protein, whilst the isolate is 89.29% protein.

Using the formula:

(total cost per unit mass of concentrate / grams of protein per 100 grams) / (total cost per unit mass of isolate / grams of protein per 100 grams)

We get (8.635 / 80) / (11.998 / 89.29).
That is equal to 0.108 / 0.134 which is equal to 0.806.

As this is below 1, the concentrate is better value. It is approximately 24% better value than the isolate.

The reason I did the worked example was a) to check the concentrate I linked would be better value, but also b) because OP (or others) may wish to work this out for different protein comparisons, and it should work for any comparison if used correctly.

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I think I am going to admit defeat.

$84.99 * 10/11 = $77.26 per 10 lb bag.

$77.26 * 6 = $463.58

$119.98 * 5 = $599.90

So the concentrate is indeed cheaper in the long run by far.

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I like the Now isolate. WAS $50 shipped for 5 pounds.n Amazn, just got a new jar and it was $61.6 :confused:

So with my recipe the only adjustment I’d have to make with that is lowering my added oil by 1g (which would be about 1ml, though probably slightly more than 1ml because oil is less dense than water), sound right?

My recipe being here.

Also does anyone have an ingredient already built on the DIY site for cocoa powder? I decided to use some to make it more like drinking a milkshake so I need to factor that into my recipe for the future.

Some of my old recipes used cocoa, here’s one.


Sweet, thanks. Now I don’t have to out any of my own work into factoring in cocoa :stuck_out_tongue:


The density of avocado oil is ~0.92g per millilitre, so to lower it by 1g, remove around 1.09ml. But yeah, that should be the only change necessary. You may find carbs go up very slightly too but not significantly. If it is too much for your liking, just remove a tiny bit of masa.

Sweet, thanks for all the help. I’m beginning to understand exactly how all this works which is really cool.


No worries, if you have any other questions let me know :slight_smile:

Found this whey… still looking for a better buy.

Using @GenesisFoodSolutions’ nifty formula I get a 0.465.

Go by weight, it’s always better. Get an electronic kitchen scale. They are absolutely worth it.

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I was considering ordering one of the flavored versions of the myprotein (to cut out cost of cocoa and special) when I noticed this: The nutritional information is based on the Unflavored version, when choosing an alternative flavor the nutritional values may vary by up to 15%.

Is there any way to get accurate info on what the nutritional facts for the flavored versions are?

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You could contact them and ask.

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