Finding the nutrients I need


How is everyone deciding how much of each vitamin, fiber, carb, fat, ect they need in their blends? Is there one central website or which websites should I go to in order to see how much of each nutrient I need? Thanks for any help. Might be good to pin something to the front page of Nutrition so everyone can see what is recommended for their gender, age group, ect.


I think the most common option, at least in the U.S., is to use the U.S. government’s Dietary Reference Intake standards, to be found here. Most people use a spreadsheet to keep track of this information. For example, this spreadsheet (made by me) will calculate your nutritional needs according to the DRI, based on sex, age, weight, etc. It’s handy to use a spreadsheet which also tells you how much of each nutrient is in each of your ingredients; here is a spreadsheet of this type. This site has nutrition information on various foods, which is often more complete than what you can find on the product label.


The third link seems the same as the second?


Sorry about that! Fixed.


No it isn’t :slight_smile: The one I am referring to is the link to the site that is supposed to show additional nutrition info.


Aww geez, sorry. Here is the site.