Fireside Chat with Rob 5/15


@rob, how do you feel about those of us DIYers who have started selling our DIY soylent to impatient Soylent backers? Is this something that you are happy to see, or do you think that it dilutes the Soylent brand or presents unwanted competition?

And more specifically, I thought it would be funny to sell a DIY recipe based on official Soylent, which I could call “Schmoylent”. Is this cute and harmless, or should I expect to hear from your legal department if I go ahead with this? :stuck_out_tongue:


Mass is conserved. Therefore we will always be able to synthesize the raw ingredients from somewhere.

Energy is radiated away from the earth but so long as we have the sun’s nearly eternal bounty and are clever in utilizing and converting it we will never run short.


I’m happy to see demand but I’d be much happier if our production had reached the point where this would not be necessary.

I won’t stop you from selling “Schmoylent” on legal grounds, but I must caution you it is unwise to enter in to direct competition with us.


@NomNom That’s not what this thread is about. Be patient, they are doing a lot and be happy that Rob is here having a conversation with us.


Me too. :wink:

Any competition I present will likely be temporary. My passion is game development, not measuring powders into bags. :stuck_out_tongue:


Better to apply your mind to measuring bits in to registers, which Soylent would allow more time for


Indeed - while Soylent was unable to arrive in time to boost my academic programming endeavors, it does seem timed just right to enhance my jump into industry. Let’s see if some Soylent-powered interviews just might give me the edge to land a job at Google, right? :smiley:

(…shhhhhh, it could happen!)


Wow! $5 dollars a day would make a huge difference in food economy. Seriously.


Do you see Soylent from Rosa Labs mounting a direct assault on global hunger, or is your aim to lead more of a revolution in quantified nutrition that would end hunger indirectly.


I’m also curious about the oil’s shelf life. Thanks for all you do! :smiley:


2 years, and my pleasure

@CarltonLemley hopefully a mix of the two i.e. a combination of in house innovation and partnerships and participation in groups with the same goal.

Official Soylent Shipping/Fulfillment Thread

This is fantastic. I’m curious, as one of the very few people who have experienced startup culture from inside an incubator and through the crowd-funding route, what lessons have you learned, and what would you do differently?

It strikes me that these are two VERY opposite ends of the spectrum, and both are also very new.


The X dollars a day for Soylent is something I see as long term. Soylent is an idea that can catch on and go global. Rosa as a US based company will likely never sell Soylent to the masses Africa or Asia, since the economics aren’t there. There’s going to be a certain floor price for Soylent to customers in the US from companies producing it in the US.

But there’s no reason why other countries might not produce their own Soylents using locally sourced and refined ingredients for locals at much lower prices.


Brilliant idea! I like it!


@CarltonLemley that is a very involved question that I plan to address in time through a series of more in depth writings.

For now, I must be on my way, but it’s been a pleasure. I’m always around and love to see the interesting discussions here. Many thanks to @JulioMiles, @lesley, and @codinghorror for making the discourse a fun and pleasant place to be and let’s chat again soon.



Ditto. I’d do 3 months.


Whoa - just had a thought. What if Soylent will cure me of all the horrible gross allergies I’ve had forever. Those allergies are just more stuff that keeps me from being as productive as I could be, and if they could be gone… Mind blown.


Absolutely! This sounds like a great idea.


Thanks for doing this, @rob! :slight_smile:


It certainly shouldn’t hurt. I might also consider chiropractic care were I you. It’s done wonders for me in the past. PM me if you want more info on how it can help.