First Day Impressions


So … this is my first day on Soylent. I cheated a little though and had some of my first batch as a bedtime snack last night.

Soylent is somewhat bland and has a chalky texture. These are things I anticipated based on reading posts in this forum. I do not find it offensively sweet or notice an aftertaste from the sweetener as some have commented on. I’ve had many other related products that are far sweeter and that I think one would get sick of before too long. The blandless of Soylent is somewhat of a plus, I think, as it probably means I won’t get sick of it so easily, and that it can be flavored in a variety of ways.

Oh my God, is this stuff FILLING! One of the things that drew me to Soylent was that it is well-balanced and will provide a lot of things my normal diet is deficient in. One of those things is fiber. I’m not used to quite this much fiber, and so it probably seems more filling to me than it will for many others.

My Soylent came smartly packaged and with a little instruction booklet that one might have received with a floppy disk back in the day when video games and such came on disks in the mail. Rather cute. My starter kit and Soylent also arrived together. I put the pitcher and scoop away in the cabinet because I actually already ordered some of those pitchers from after reading about the impressions of them here.

I only ordered a one-week supply to try it out, but just a moment ago I put in a subscription-based order for a one-month supply. I’m pretty sure I used the same email address, but the ordering website is fairly crappy. I have no complaints about the product so far, but I do think they could improve the ordering and subscription management process. A verification box would be handy where you can put your email address in to confirm that it is the same as you used previously and won’t (shudder) be treated like a new customer with another multi-month lead time.

Final note / query: I prepared my first batch last night in accordance to the instructions with one exception: I used hot rather than room temperature tap water to mix the Soylent. I have been wondering why they don’t recommend this by default? Hot water defiinitely speeds the mixing process.


Hot tap water is generally discouraged in general because hot water leaches minerals in pipes more easily than cold water. So it would be better to heat up cold water (stove or microwave?) - but that’s more work.


2 ppb of Pb instead of 1 ppb? Meh.


CDC says " In all situations, drink or cook only with water that comes out of the tap cold. Water that comes out of the tap warm or hot can contain much higher levels of lead." - no idea on ppb or how it compares though.

At any rate, given that some of us live in older housing with old plumbing it may be wise to avoid hot water from the tap. Safety first, and all that. No doubt there’d be possible liability concerns if the instructions advised to use hot water.


I’ve never heard of this lead concern, but I have heard from chefs that there is more mineral buildup in water due to it sitting unused for hours at a time and this leads to flavoring issues for dishes requiring a lot of water, such as pasta. I have no idea if this is true. If you have a tap filter (like Pur) or run it through a secondary filter (such as Brita) then the hot water should be fine to use either way.

BTW, my guess is you have version 1,1, which is why the sweetness is not as pronounced as you thought it would be.


The release notes that came with my Soylent do say that it is version 1.1. I don’t know if 1.0 was sweeter or not, but the sweetness of the product I received is very tolerable.

I look forward to experiment with flavors in future batches. Perhaps cinnamon spice cider? :smiley:


Check out the flavoring soylent thread, there are a lot of good ideas in there. I’m curious to see how you do on 1.1, the flatulence issue with 1.0 is a bit of a bother.


Every filter I’ve used specifically says to NOT use with hot water.