First DIY recipe - feedback welcome


Hey everyone,

just stumbled upon Soylent a few days ago. However, I got some experience with formula diets, so I decided to try to create my own.

The formula:

-145g protein 80 shake (Mammut, already had this at home)

  • 130g maltrodexin (MyProtein)
  • 50g almonds
  • 50g "instant oat flakes"
    plus two pills of vitamins and minerals which aprox. cover the whole range by 100% ratio.

This leads to about 1.500kcal with 170g carbs, 130g protein and 33g of fat.

I chose the rather low calorie intake because (surprise) I want to loose some weight, about 10 or 15kg. After this I would rise, step by step, to 2.000 or 2.500 kcal a day.
I also didn’t like the idea to mix oil in my shake, so I decided to get the fat from nuts. As a nice side effect, this could make the shake more tasty.

Regarding the basic nutritions, I tried to build a “nice average” between low and high carb. Protein seems to be on the upper edge for me, I got 85kg, so this makes 1,5g/kg. I do some sports, but no bodybuilding, so I wouldn’t rise this ratio higher.

So, thanks for reading and giving feedback, greetings from Europe.


Have you posted your recipe to


Hey biab,

just added it:

However there are still a lot facts missing, simply I don’t have the packaged at hand, e.g. of the pills. I am just in the very beginning brainstorming phase…



I completed the formula. Made small adjustments to the carb/protein ratio. The vitamins and minerals still have some flaws, but are on a good way.

Today I made the first try: Mixed everything in 2l water and filled it into 5 serving bottles, and had one roughly every 3 hours.
The taste was not too bad, mostly dominated by the vanilla flavor from the protein shake. There was a salty aftertaste that was a bit disturbing.

Using almonds as fat source was not the best idea. Even fine grinded, the bits were disturbing while swallowing and stayed in between the teeth. So I would go for another source, maybe peanutbutter, coconut milk, or just oil.

I didn’t feel hungry whole day, which really surprised me, and couldn’t feel any negative side effects.


On the “Recipe Editor” tab, you can change the nutrition profile to compare your recipe against. After you do that, you can also switch back to the “Overview” tab and get a more common (at least in the US) view of the nutrient profile.

Based on U.S. government DRI, male 19-50, 2000 calories profile, your recipe is very short in:

  • Omega-3
  • Omega-6
  • Choline
  • Vitamin D
  • Sulfur
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin A

It’s also excessively high in Iron, and only has 1524 calories.

I suspect some of these are due to incomplete nutrition profiles for the ingredients, but I’d be very concerned about the excessive iron.


I use almond meal as one of the fat sources in my DIY. I do find the grit an issue, and I’m using half as much. You’ll want an omega-3 fat source- I like flaxseed meal, personally.

I’d recommend milk for a base if you can do dairy. It covers a lot of ground, nutritionally.



thanks for your feedback.

Regarding the missing spots, some is due to my missing Infos (regarding the Omega 3/6 fats), some others because FDA and the DGE (ist German pendant) are different about the recommended daily Ratio. For example, according to DGE my intake of vitamin A, riboflavin and iron is just at 100%. But no doubt I have to look for vit D, sulfur and some potassium…

The 1.500kcal are just for loosing some weight first, I will rise later on to reach a steady state.

Today I changed the formula and used linseed oil and rapeseed oil (50:50) as fat source. The shake feels much better in the mouth now.