First Experience with Soylent


Hello all. Thought I would join and share my experience with Soylent so far. After learning about it, I was impatient and bought a week’s worth on Ebay while waiting for my initial order from Rob and Co to arrive.

My plan was to use Soylent as a replacement for meals as often as I felt like not cooking - which is often, but not to stricly use it for x number of meals per day or full replacement.

On day one, I ate it for bkfast, lunch and dinner. I found myself feeling like I needed something more solid in my stomach so I added a cereal bar at bkfast. Craved salty around dinner time so I had some chex mix and some pringles. On a normal day, things like cereal bars chex mix and pringles can make up my entire diet, so this was a healthier than normal day for me.

Second day was a Friday I had Soylent for bkfast and dinner and ate out for lunch with a coworker like every Friday.

Saturday I flew out of town to spend a week with my new niece, and I only brought a carry on, so I only brought one day’s worth, since all those oils would take up my liquids allotment on the flight.

Today is Thursday, and I’ve had Soylent every day for breakfast and regular food for the rest of meals.


I LOVE the taste. I kind of like bland food in general anway, but I look forward to Soylent for breakfast. On day one I added some banana flavoring and it was SOO yummy like a banana milkshake.

Leaving it overnight in the fridge definitely helps with the texture, it is SOO creamy after a day or two.

It causes stinky gas for me (so far). I have it after the breakfast and it tapers off throughout the day, gone by nightfall and starts over after breakfast.

I sip it , rather than down it.

I have had a few headaches, but I have headaches on a regular basis, so they weren’t outside of normal.

I have IBS. I am allergic to whey/casein, so I avoid milk and cheese. I also have sensitivities to soy, which between the two makes it hard to find any protein type replacements/bars etc that dont bother me. When I have milk products, I have painful gas, bloating, and explosive diarrhea.

With Soylent, the gas is somewhat stinky but completely painless so that was a nice change. I don’t know if my gut bacteria is adjusting or not since Solyent is not my sole source of food.

I hope the gas decreases but in all honesty, even if it doesn’t, I will keep using Soylent. I feel like I’m getting such better nutrition even if its just a meal or two a day outside my junk food norm. Its SO convenient. I love pouring my healthy breakfast out of a pitcher in the morning. I LOVE the taste.

Just thought I would share so we can all collect data on how people are reacting. If they can figure out and correct what is causing the gas, this product wll be unstoppable, but don’t let any (gas related) feedback you’ve heard so far discourage you from trying Soylent.

I’d love to hear any ideas anyone on Soylent has on making it even better!


Think you should have put this experience on the mustard gas topic.
I’t interesting because you are one of the people who do not draw the line at being gassy as a reason to stop Soylent.


Probably because I’m gassy on any random day anyway. I havent identified all of the triggers for my IBS. Also maybe because I’m on vacation so I’m not at the office stinking out coworkers yet :slight_smile: I suppose that could change next week if I get home and still dont see any improvement.


Did you add 1/5 tsp of salt? That can help with headaches, since there is not enough sodium in Soylent.


If you’re eating salty snacks you may be getting enough. If you’re not, try taking your salt on the side rather than mixing it with your Soylent–no reason to drink salty Soylent when it’s easy to drink a shot of salt water!


I agree. I tried putting salt into my Soylent. I didn’t measure it out, just shook it a few times.

It was horrible.

I’m generally pretty tough when it comes to bad tastes and things. I thought I could just buck up and drink my pitcher of salty Soylent for the day, but after managing to get 3/4 of the way through a glass, I decided to dump the pitcher and make a new, non-salty batch.

Now, I get my salt on the side. I’m a bit weird, but I like the taste of Lawry’s seasoned salt. When I was a kid, I’d hang out with my dad when he grilled and he’d pour just a tiny amount in my palm and I’d lap it up. So maybe it’s the taste, or maybe it’s the memory, but that’s how I get my salt intake each morning now :smile:


Update: so while I was away, I only had one bag of Soylent, so I had it for breakfast only for several days until I ran out. I took the next few days off and had Soylent again today (Tuesday) for the first time since Thursday last week. I mixed up a bag and left out the oil, and left it in the fridge overnight. I left out the oil because I read that fish oil can sometimes cause GI distress.

I had Soylent today for breakfast and lunch. I’ve had the same (large) volume of gas today, but so far (6pm ) it hasn’t been smelly which is different. I’m speculating that something in the powder is causing the creation of the gas rather than the oil, but so far no smell. The gas starts bubbling up within 30 mins or so of drinking it. I’m not drinking it fast and it doesn’t make up my all of my meals, so I don’t think I’m going to solve my gas problems by “going slowly”, or removing the oil.

Think the next thing will be to try probiotics.


So, two days of no-oil Soylent has equalled two days of non-stinky gas. Still a lot of gas in the tummy though. Planning on taking a break of two days and then adding the oil back in and seeing if the strong smell returns.

Yesterday, something very interesting (to me at least) happened. After a breakfast of only Soylent, the gas started bubbling up and I began to feel very bloated and uncomfortable. I happened to be scheduled for a Doctor appointment at 1pm so I was there while this was happening. No farts had worked their way out yet. The nurse came and took my blood pressure and it was a whopping 150/90 which is very high for me. I was also feeling particularly panicky and anxious, and sweating, and a little bit of foggy brain. After the first doctor appt, I had a second appointment at another doctor as a followup. It was 2 hours later, and I had released some of the non-stinky gas, and was feeling better overall. When they took my blood pressure it was 128/76, which is more normal for me.

I did some research when I got home to search for any issues between “brain fog and gut connection” and I learned something interesting. When the bowels are distended due to gas/bloating, they send signals of distress to the brain that can cause anxiety, depression, the fight or flight chemicals, and specifically can raise blood pressure. If I hadn’t gotten my bp checked at those intervals, I wouldn’t have known that my blood pressure was spiking during my bloating.

For me that means that if I can’t come up with a solution (I’m still going to try probiotics with and without the oil mixture) I will be unable to continue with Soylent until a new blend comes out. Now that I can see the gas is more than just uncomfortable, but actually unhealthy, I’ll need to back off. I’m really bummed about this, since I really, really like the taste and convenience.


A lot of people are getting blood tests for a before/after comparison, but you were lucky enough to be in the right situation to get not one, but two blood pressure readings. This is worth a look–thanks for posting this.