First experiences with 1.5: Sore Throat won't go away!

I received my first shipment of Soylent a few days ago and honestly I’ve felt fantastic since I began. I feel more alert and energetic and I’m no longer tired after my workouts. It tastes great (despite what other people have to say about it) and it’s filling.

But I have one issue. I’ve had a near constant sore throat all day today. It’s enough to put me off to the idea of continuing with my soylent experiments. What can I do about this?

Hmm, it’s possible you’re experiencing reflux? Have you have had it before?

The sore throat could be completely unrelated - give it a couple weeks (the course of a normal cold) and treat your symptoms accordingly, removing Soylent entirely from consideration. If the sore throat continues beyond the cycle of a normal cold or cough, see a doctor. It’s unlikely that Soylent is going to be the root cause, it just made you more aware of the onset of a sore throat.


Could it be you didn’t properly clean the pitcher? :mask:

Was definitely that I was sick.

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