First Impressions + Flavors


As soon as I opened the bag, it smelled like yellow cake mix. Not a bad smell by any means, I was just surprised at the similarity.

As several people have suggested, I mixed it with just filtered water and left it in the fridge for a few hours. I tried a single cup (mixing two teaspoons of oil in per cup of Soylent) and the texture seemed a bit rough even after mixing in some extra water and Monin green mint syrup (though the latter did help with the flavor). I added some extra water to the pitcher and let both the cup and pitcher sit overnight and the texture was much improved, though it still leaves behind a grainy mouthfeel.

My plan is to “drink” a cup at a time, mixing a bit of oil in each time, and only refilling my cup when I’m hungry for more. This way the oil has a chance to properly mix with the drink instead of separating in the pitcher. I definitely prefer it cold.

I’m thinking I may need a second pitcher though… especially if the first one is almost empty and I need to make a mixture for the next day. I can see this lasting me two days at a time with the occasional non-Soylent snack to break up the monotony. I’m trying to lose weight so I won’t be eating the full 2000 calories each day.


Be a little careful with having a pitcher last 2 days. For most people, it works fine, but in my case, the fridge at my Fiancé’s house is not cool enough to keep it from going sour if I leave it in there longer than 30 hours.


Good to know, thanks. I think our fridge is sufficiently cold though, and it does have a temperature adjustment knob on top of that.


I’m on my third day of official Soylent, and I’ve been adding the whole bottle of oil into the pitcher. Can you clarify why you are only adding a little bit at a time to each cup. I am also drinking it one cup at a time, every couple hours or whenever I feel hungry.


I’ve been doing that to make sure the oil doesn’t separate in the pitcher. This way I make sure the oil is distributed evenly per serving. Not a big hassle since I’m using the spoon I stir with to measure out the oil.


Ahh, okay. I shake the pitcher for a good 15 seconds every time I take it out of the fridge, before pouring myself a cup, so I figure I’m keeping it all well mixed that way. I could be wrong, but it seems to be working.


It doesn’t really matter if the nutrients aren’t perfectly divided each serving. You’ll be getting them all anyway.


Yeah, but if I’m spreading it over two days…


Still doesn’t particularly matter. The human body has a lot wider tolerances than that.


Guh, I don’t think I can keep this up much longer. There’s too much vanilla and sucralose in the mixture. Granted, I have a highly sensitive sense of taste, but I keep having to compensate for the sweetness by having salty snacks alongside it (and yes I have been adding salt to the mix). The cloying sweetness feels like it’s making my stomach churn. I’ll just make a glass at a time for now but otherwise not commit to a full pitcher every two days.


I add 2 tablespoons of dark chocolate cocoa powder to a pitcher of Soylent. It gets rid of the cloying sweetness.


That seems to be helping so far, thanks! I’m just using regular unsweetened Hershey’s cocoa powder.


I finally got my 1 week order a week ago. Yes…the same day texture is near unbearable. The next day texture was much improved but still a bit sludgy. I decided to go breakfast/lunch Soylent 2 days in a row then a couple of days off & then again. It’s still an experiment to me. I’m thin, active & fit so not quite sure if it’s the “right amount” of calories, salt, etc. Plus, I haven’t used it for a full day’s meals yet but will. Flavor-wise I think it’s fine. Not too sweet. Very much reminds me of Optimum Nutrition Vanilla Whey Protein powder. Like almost exactly but more of a sludgy, pulpy mouthfeel. The need to shake vigorously before every pour & the need to stir my cup every few sips is annoying. It literally leaves dry mix coated on the side of a cup that I can scrape off with the spoon every time I pour a meal’s worth. It just isn’t 100% soluble for me.

I will say though, I think the pitcher is fantastic (love the top coming in 2 pieces & sealing fairly water-tight). Everyone @ work still thinks I’m a weirdo (IDGAF). It doesn’t leave me as full as I expected. It makes me full enough but not to the point where I feel completely satisfied. Maybe it’s because I’m used to overeating(?). Also, this is purely anecdotal but I tend to have a greasy face by the end of the day & it felt less greasy consuming only Soylent. As this can sometimes be triggered by stress or environment, I can’t say if it was a direct result but definitely hope to determine that soon. Bottom line is that I think it’s a worthwhile endeavor. Although I’ve stretched out the week I got…I will definitely consider ordering a full month at some point.


I’m actually thinking of giving up at this point… Maybe Soylent 2.0 will be better but as it currently stands, even with cocoa added, it just feels off to me. I recently ordered something from @axcho to see if it works out for me (Clean Fuel Plus).