First Impressions


My Soylent arrived today. Here are my first impressions.

  1. The texture is pretty smooth, not gritty at all like others have mentioned. Then again, I am used to People Chow, so maybe it is gritty but I am used to it. Regardless, I have zero problems with the texture.

  2. Flavor is awesomesauce. It does not have a strong flavor of any particular type, but maybe a hint of something similar to vanilla. My taste buds tell me it is an interesting mix of familiar flavors, something I have never quite tasted before. But I love it! For something as boring as a heterogeneous shake, the flavor is actually quite interesting.

  3. Packaging: we all know the feedback here regarding the shipping containers. My oil bottles were not leaking at all, not even a drop. The one meal package I opened had powder between the ziploc line and the part that you tear, so I spilled some powder opening it. Not much, but enough that I will be more careful next time.

Overall this is a very positive first impression. Today is an “eating day” though, so I will let this batch chill overnight and drink the whole thing tomorrow (plus 1/5 tsp of salt, of course).


Holding your Soylent ziplock at the very top, drop the bottom of the bag against the countertop a bunch of times. You’ll get a lot less powder caught at the seal that way.


Thanks. I was thinking pull the broad sides of the bag out a little, to open up the middle/top to left it fall down. Then drop it from two or three inches to let it settle.


…and I am officially subscribed. I LOVE IT!!! This is everyone Rob promised and more, minus the timeline. But it was worth the wait!


It also helps to pinch the top two corners in either hand and sort of ripple them back and forth opposite of each other a bunch of times.


Today I did 100% Soylent, not a spec of “real” food.

Considering my body is used to People Chow which has a lot more bulk with the masa harina, it is the end of the day and I have that “empty” feeling in my stomach. Energy level is strong though, and I felt great all day.

I imagine that deep inside my gut some little gnome was slowly turning the knob on the gas valve from my normal “constant but slow trickle” all the way to “farting more matter than I am consuming.”

We need to be honest and clear: I have now and have always had more gas than most people. Nothing makes it go away: not Beano, not a gun to the head with an order not to fart.

But this evening, my wife almost divorced me. Even my cats do not want to be around me, and they sniff each others’ butts on a regular basis. Herds of cattle are jealous of my methane output.

Work is going to be interesting tomorrow.


So are you saying the odor is much worse than your DIY Soylent?