First Order from Soylent Did Not Include Free Pitcher or Scoop?

I just received my first order from Soylent and it did not include the free pitcher or spoon mentioned on their website. Did you all get yours in a separate delivery or did something go wrong with my experience. Now I’m frantically searching my house for a temporary pitcher because I really want to try it now. First world problems.

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That’s weird, that’s not a complaint I’ve heard before. Have you emailed

He’ll probably just say the same thing, but I’ll tag @conor anyway

I thought it was strange too. I sent a note to support and they have already sent me a reply and shipped the starter kit. A+ on the support.


:smile: Sorry it never got shipped out the first time. Happy to hear your issue got resolved.

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I had the same issue, but a quick email got it resolved. I think in my case it was due to my original pre-order eventually being cancelled due to my being in Canada.