First order waiting period


I only placed my first order and my subscription 30 days ago and from what I’m reading I may not see it till well into 2015. I wanted to get started right away so I started using Taste of Life’s Raw Food. I may play with a DIY recipe. If this goes well I may even cancel my Soylent orders and stick with this plan.
Is anyone else on a similar path?


Not yet ready to give up on Soylent… but I am doing DIY.


Holding off for now with other Soylent-like companies like 100% food and I have been liking it a lot so far.

I ordered on July 17 and have yet to receive it, so if I didn’t get it yet then you can only imagine… They say the wait is a 3 month estimate but more realistically I’ll say it’s about 5-6 months.

However, getting started is the hardest part because of the long wait for your first order. The good news is that once you receive your first order then make another order then you’ll start receiving it every 1-2 weeks.


Fixed that for you

(i.e., a 2 week subscription will be received every 3-4 weeks, with the 1-2 week fulfillment delay causing gaps in meal coverage. While a four week subscription will be received every 5-6 weeks, also with the 1-2 week fulfillment delay causing gaps in meal coverage.)

It can be safely stated that while Soylent is intended and designed as a meal replacement, Rosa Labs’ fulfillment strategy makes it no more than a meal supplement. They have stated that they are working on narrowing the gap between charge and shipment-- but there has been no corresponding statement that they are working on narrowing the gap between order and shipment. (Although, it certainly makes sense that they will be working on this at some point in the future. The reality is that we do not have an ETA on when that order process improvement will be realized.)


I have an initial order and a subscription order placed, I’ll sit tight with those and use the others for now. We’ll see


FWIW I’m in the same boat. I’ve been waiting on Soylent 3 months now and anticipate at least 2 more. I’ve tried both 100%Food and Schmoylent and had good results on both. Schmoylent is more work and more expensive but I enjoy the taste and flexibility a little more. I ordered another 30 days of Schmoylent and am happy with it. When the Soylent (V1.3?V1.4?) eventually arrives I’ll see how it stands up.


I’m also in the same boat.

Ordered way back in March or something, but then had to cancel because my apt flooded and I need the money to move. I’ve since then re-ordered back in October, but that counts as “new” so I’m forced to wait again.

While waiting I’ve tried various DIY from @axcho and @spaceman. I’ve also gone on eBay and bought official from resellers. I’ve also bought a bunch of stuff off Amazon and tried to make stuff myself.

Quick reviews of each:

Official Soylent (both 1.0 and 1.1): By far my favorite, mostly because of flavor. Difficulty obtaining is biggest drawback at this time. I already experience gastro… “distress” so some of the issues everyone else experiences are either mitigated by supplements I take (probiotics, enzymes, etc) OR are just not new enough to bother me.

100% Food by @spaceman: FAST shipping, but the flavors always seemed… off. Mix seemed really thick and “sharp,” making my throat itchy. I managed to “fix” this by just dumping the powders into a blender bottle and doubling the water required, then letting it sit overnight. Chocolate is awesome either way.

Various recipes by @axcho: His chocolate keto recipe is awesome, but Schmoylent and other similar recipes did not sit with me due to the flavor of the Vegan Rice Protein. Availability to make other unique recipes is a plus. Shipping could be faster, but he’s just one guy, so I try to plan ahead when ordering.

DIY by me: STAY AWAY! Horrible flavoring, this guy does not know what he’s doing. Tastes like dirty water.


In addition to my blends - you can find ready to deliver blends from more that 10 producers on Powdered Foods Marketplace.

Even cookies.

But if you want to try first - you may check these free samples:


From my observation I would definitely expect 20-24 weeks waiting period for orders in summer 2014. If you are not sure right now if you want to order and wait or just see how is it going: my recommendation is to order subscription for 1 week right now.

  • Your 20 weeks will start “ticking”. Who knows what will be in the future, but your time will be coming regardless.
  • Even if you dislike the product, you will have 6 unopened bags, that can be shared with friends or traded easily for $50 - $70 (even higher at current hot secondary market of Soylent).
  • It’s not DIY: you don’t need to buy any extra, do not measure, or wait for delivery of parts, don’t overpay for small samples of ingredients or commit to 50 pound bag of something.
  • Delivered for free just to your door and easy to prepare.
  • Even if you are eventually won’t be a fun of this type of food, it’s worth to try (see my philosophies).


  • one time $70 investment (however, you will have at least 4 weeks after shipment of your 7 daily bags to decide if you want to continue). Cancellation is pretty easy and no obligations.

My philosophies, from a person with almost 2 decade long student experience and extra long working hours:

  • good tasty food is better than bad food
  • fully nutritional food is better than good tasting bad food
    and finally most important from my perspective:
  • any kind of bad food is better than “no food”.
    Only because of the latter, people with good income are still often eating bad in US - simply no time or availability of handy and easy way to consume balanced food, that doesn’t hurt your health in long run.