First pitcher of v1.5 opinions

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Honestly, I bought this mostly for the name. Then i read what it was and what is was for. I work from home/car, with hours ranging from 8-5 to ???
I cannot carry a cooler to keep anything safe to eat, even in Texas during winter. I work in data centers, so no food/drink are allowed inside. I do have glucose tablets for rare instances, and the best crackers to hold me over.
Some days i may work from home and I make meals and freeze them, for ANOTHER quick way to eat well.

I am only on my first day, and I for the last week been eating very healthy foods, so I dont get the gross taste.
First serving it was cardboard with a nasty aftertaste.
After it chilling, it is thicker, and it doesn’t have much taste. ALTHOUGH, I am Hispanic and i admit that I liken the flavor and grit to a drink called Horchata. (with any new flavor I have to do this so that I can find a way to make it palatable)
My mom (VERY PICKY) even said she might try it.

I have found sipping it throughout the day is better. And if i get hunger pangs…if i just focus on something else, they go away. No current NEED to eat real food, which is good.

I would like a thicker product, or if there is a good way to make it more bulky?

You can put less water in.

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I thought about that, but i think i might drink more in a serving and then br done before the days out.

Yeah it would make it tricker to measure out. You’d have to pay attention to your measurements.

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I vaguely recall some people adding Xanthan gum as a thickener, but I never did so myself.


I add three scoops of chocolate whey protein to each pitcher. After sitting in the fridge overnight I have found it thicker and more substantial feeling when I drink it.

Also, buy a Hydro flask or Yeti/RTIC thermal cup to keep it very cold through the day, lessens the aftertaste and improves drink-ability. The 32oz models hold 2 meals also…convenient.


I used xanthan gum to thicken 1.3. It worked well. You’ll want to mix it in the powder before adding water, and remember you only need very small amounts.