First qualm with soylent


So last night I didn’t get back home until real late, and both my pitcher and blender bottle were dirty. I decided that I would just tough out today with muggle food while giving them a nice soak (I was already scheduled for a social lunch and dinner today anyways). However, I’ve noticed that even only normally having half of my food from soylent for the past week or so, I feel kind of lethargic today. Is this a problem other people have had? Is it just that my normal food eating is so bad that the guaranteed healthiness of Soylent affects my energy that much?


We’ve definitely noticed the same, and I’ve seen others report similar things. Once we were on Soylent for even 75% of our meals for a few days, the couple times we ever went without (usually only when we had run out of Soylent and our next batch hadn’t arrived yet), we were absolutely miserable. No energy, cranky, any little thing would piss us off, sour attitude just all around, moody… as soon as we had Soylent again, things evened out in no time. It was pretty wild.


Whereas I just spent a long weekend away, eating conventional food, and I was fine, so mileage varies. (I eat 90%-100% Soylent regularly.)


Yep valid point for sure… everything about this grand experiment in food is quite individual, for every two people who have a similar experience there’s 2 who don’t! :smiley: