First re-order -- should it ship in 14 days or 28?


My initial Soylent order shipped 7/28.

I received an email stating my re-order (placed months ago) would happen yesterday, 8/8. This seemed correct, and within the 1-2 week guideline for a re-order (it should ship sometime before 8/11 to meet that promise). However, it didn’t ship.

Today I received an email stating there was a mistake and my order should ship 8/25. This is 28 days after my initial shipment, but I thought the initial re-order should happen in 1-2 weeks, not exactly 4. (I would expect future re-orders to happen every 28 days, though.)

Are my expectations wrong, or is this a mistake?

Also if it matters my ChargeBee account shows my next billing date as 01-01-2015, which seems wrong. I’d expect it to be 28 days after my first re-shipment, but maybe that gets set when they send the first re-shipment. Or maybe the next billing dates are just arbitrary.

I did email support, too, but figured someone here might know if my expectations are wrong.


Yeah, this is somewhat of an edge case caused by our present lack of real-time fulfillment. Would you prefer your next order to ship in 14 days or 28?

Your “next billing date” will be updated once your next shipment is made.


I’d prefer to get it in 14 days.

Though if the intent is that re-orders will ship in 28 days, shouldn’t the subscription order form say it’ll ship in 28 days, not 1-2 weeks? Or maybe, most people don’t re-order until after they received their shipment, so I can see how this could get confusing…


I have had this EXACT same issue.

I backed a 1 week order, which arrived late last week (started consuming today) but had pre-planned a 1 month subscription.

I got an email that my order would ship 8/8 and it didn’t. 8/9 I get an email “We’re sorry, we screwed up. You just got an order, we’ll ship yours in a month”. I replied “no, I need this to ship as planned because I have a 1 WEEK supply, not a 1 MONTH”. I’ve yet to hear back about whether this is corrected.


Hopefully they’ll reply and bump up our orders. For me, I received a month, but I was a little generous handing out packets to people who have been wanting to try it (oddest: my Neurologist, per her request). I MIGHT be able to make it through to the ‘revised’ date but would prefer they fulfilled based off the expectation I had based off their wording on how orders are shipped.

I sent an email and hope to hear back… but it says 5-7 days possibly, so I’m not holding my breath. Hopefully @JulioMiles, @MattCauble or @ana can fix everything for us :smile:

Also, to those people, you might want to find cases like these and fix them. I think almost everyone in this edge case would expect you to fulfill based on the 1-2 week guideline. (And if you don’t want to keep doing it, fix the wording for subscription orders.)


Yeah, I will run out before the reship, but I also haven’t swapped over to 100% Soylent diet yet, so I can survive a month, it’s just annoying that promises are going unfulfilled to people who have waited so patiently for this stuff.

And even if they ship it 28 days into a 30 day supply, it won’t actually reach most people in time. They need to ship 21 days out.


From what I understand, they will ship 28 days after your initial ship date. So you should get it ‘just in time’. E.g., my ‘corrected’ date was 28 days exactly after they shipped – not after it arrived.

That said I don’t know if I’d like getting down to my last pouch…