First several days on people chow


I bought the ingredients for “People Chow 2.2.0” and decided to try soylent. I haven’t received my sulfur and choline but I had enough of the ingredients to start experimenting. So far its worked out pretty well, I feel good and have lots of energy.

The area I’m having trouble with is the texture. Just mixed with water it has an unpleasant grittiness to it. I took the almond meal and masa and added it to boiling water, hit it with my immersion blender, then add cold water and the remaining ingredients and blended again. The end result is much better, no grit and it separates less when left overnight. The only problem is that it adds a decent amount of time on preparation and cleanup.

Do many people cook their starches like this?


I add hot water to whole soylent – not just the starches – for breakfast and eat it warm like grits. It’s a nice start to the day in the cold winter.


I’ve gotten used to the texture, I haven’t even been bothering to soak overnight. I think that might not be a bad thing either as water breaks things down, possible even some of the nutrients (just an idea, not really sure). I didn’t like the texture with the oat flour but the masa/almond meal/etc I don’t mind. Still gotta try it Max’s way, maybe for breakfast tomorrow. :slight_smile: