First Soylent Taste, Feeling Nauseous


I loved the smell when I opened the bag and the first initials sips/gulps I tested without oil. I then added the oil and for some reason my perspective changed after the fact. Maybe the oil itself is too fishy for me even though other users say it shouldn’t be a noticeable fishiness. I’ve always had an aversion to the taste and smell of fish and I’m very sensitive to tastes and smells in general.

Either way, at first it all tasted fine and now I’m having trouble taking even a small sip without feeling a little uneasy or slightly nauseous. Has anyone else had this problem and how have people remedied it? Do I need to replace the oil with something if I decide to not use it anymore, or can I remove the oil altogether?

I tried a little bit of vanilla extract and I still wasn’t enjoying it, and I tried a little bit of cocoa powder and ended up making it too sweet for me and I still felt uneasy.

Note: while I’m not actively drinking it I feel fine although I did notice some heartburn come on.


Make sure it’s chilled. If you’re trying to drink it slightly warm, it won’t taste as good. I’ve been adding around 1.5-2 teaspoons of nesquik to a full meal and it takes the edge off the taste a bit for me. I don’t really mind it though and I like the grainy taste haha.

My initial taste wasn’t far off from yours though. Do you have it watered down too much ?


Please refrigerate over night and report back.


Also make sure the oil is mixed in well. If you got a bubble of oil, it probably wouldn’t taste good.



My first batch I tasted before refrigerating… then I added all kinds of stuff to make it taste better… oh wow, didn’t do that again. Then I learned about adding the oil only AFTER an overnight soak. WOW what a difference. But I’m also not using the fish oil blend, just canola oil.


I tried it the next morning after chilling it, it definitely takes the edge off. Not lingering on each sip helps. Finishing it off quickly in big gulps makes it go down without a problem and actually somehow makes it taste better with a small vanilla after taste.

I think this would help a lot I’ll have to try it out.


I’m surprised that you said adding cocoa powder made it too sweet (unless you’re saying you added vanilla and cocoa powder at the same time). I add Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa powder (about two Tbsp. to two liters) and found that it took the overly sweet taste away and made it more drinkable for me.

My experience before adding the cocoa powder was that it smelled sweeter than it tasted, but I found myself not looking forward to having to drink it again.

Also I add about 1/4 tsp. of kosher salt. That takes a little of the sweet edge off as well.

I don’t think I’ve ever really noticed the oil at all. When I mix it up I’ve tried smelling the oil before mixing it in, but it doesn’t seem to have any smell at all.


I have tried it again with the correct soak time, the correct set up, and added oil after refrigeration, and it tasted a lot better. I did not need to add anything for flavor and I could even take sips without a problem. Can’t wait to get my monthly subscriptions!