First Steps into the Wonderful Future of Soylent


tl;dr: I ordered some soylent; made some for the next day; described it as a bland, non-sugary but grainy “thick” milk shake; will try to keep this thread up-to-date with my experiences.

A little over a week ago I decided to go ahead and try Soylent as a meal replacement. I ordered one week of the stuff to try out and see if I like it enough to fully switch over. I was lucky enough to have 1.5 shipped to me within a weeks time. It arrived yesterday afternoon and I’m super excited to try it out for the first time.

I excitedly open up the package I received and saw that I have two separate boxes; one containing the pitcher and scoop, pretty cool, and the other is what you may have guessed, the soylent. I was so excited that I wanted to whip up a batch now and try it out, until I noticed the booklet.

I read the booklet while I’m snacking on some pretzel nuggets. During this time I’m thinking to myself that I should just wait until tomorrow to try it out. So I finish reading the booklet, wash the pitcher and set everything aside for later.

The time arrives for me to go to bed so I mossy on down to the kitchen to mix up a batch of soylent for tomorrow. I open up a pouch and take a sniff and the smell can only be described as, well, bland; no offending odors but there is a distinct smell that I cannot put my finger on. I pray that soylent won’t fully taste like this when I try it first thing the next day. I proceed to fill-up the pitcher half way with “room temp” water and pour, well more like spill, the soylent into the pitcher. I shake vigorously and I notice that my stomach is going one way while my body is going another…this reminds me why I’m trying this new “diet” out (I’m about 120 lbs over weight).

I open up the pitcher, poured the rest of the soylent in and filled the remaining space with water. I the shaking again, along comes the stomach wiggle ;). I open up the pitcher and see clumps, I’m like “NOOOOOOOOO!”, picture Darth Vader at the end of Revenge of the Sith! I then remember reading in the booklet and on these forums that it’s way better to allow soylent to sit in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight; that’s what I do and off to bed.

I get up and take a shower while anxiously awaiting the swallowing of soylent in my near future. I get dressed and head downstairs, portion out around 17oz of soylent. I take a quick smell of the liquid and the odor is about the same as the powder but a bit heavier. I say to myself “bottoms up” and allow the soylent to slide down my throat into my stomach!

As I sit here writing this account I must describe the taste and the taste doesn’t really match the odor I smelt last night and just before I consumed it. It tastes like a bland, non-sugary but slightly grainy milk shake; it’s thick too but the liquid is pretty viscus. And you don’t so much as “drink” it, you just allow it slide down into your stomach :smiley: .

Anyway, that was my tale of the first time I tried soylent. I don’t mind the taste and I was a bit surprised about how thick and “creamy” it felt going down but I could get use to it and will most likely start a subscription for a months worth.

Stayed tuned though because I’ll keep this thread up-to-date as best I can with my experiences :wink:

Log your opinions of v1.5 here

Just had my second “meal” of soylent! This time I kinda had to force myself to drink it because in between this meal and the last I was thinking about all the food I will sourly miss (even though I can skip a soylent meal and have it). I was also wondering how much more water one must intake because I read in the booklet that it’s suggested that you drink a significant amount of water. I drink roughly 108oz of water per day more if I’m doing yoga or shaolin kung fu; would that be enough?

An observation, I am a bit surprised that drinking ~17oz of soylent is, initially, filling. Like I’m full and my stomach actually feels full. I’ve read a few threads and responses that have said soylent wasn’t really that filling; I wonder if this effect will last though…?

This first day will probably be the only day I will write about each meal. I do have a physical coming up so it will be interesting to see the blood work results. Anywho catch you all later.

Saturday night I poured another 17oz cup of soylent. I notice that I have good 10oz left. I decide to drink it all so I can make a new batch for tomorrow. This one was a bit easier to drink; I still need to get use to the thickness of soylent! I wash everything out and make a new batch for tomorrow. I notice that there are slightly bigger clumps in it this time around but I put the pitcher back into the refrigerator and hope they disappear for breakfast.

Before I started this endeavor to replace solid foods with soylent, I weighed myself. I was 306.8lbs. this morning. I’m intrigued how much I will weigh come the morning.


Definitely keep up with your water, if 108 ounces works for you now, it will probably be fine going forward, just keep an eye on yourself and adjust as needed. Also remember that ample hydration aids in weight loss.

In addition to your soylent a good rule of thumb to keep in mind would be to drink 1/2 an ounce of water per pound of body weight, so a 300 pound person would be drinking 150 ounces. I personally tend to drink a bit more than that formula says for my current weight of ~240, I’m between 1-2 gallons a day, and am typically in the middle ground around a gallon and a half. I’ve lost ~120 pounds so far, and still have a bit to go.


I heard that you should drink 1/2 your weight in ounces but thought it was one of those sayings that tend to be untrue. Good job on your loss of weight! Are you on a 100% soylent diet or something else?


I use my own recipe, and am in the neighborhood of 80-100%, with most weeks falling into the 90ish% range.


So almost a few of weeks on soylent and I feel great! I have lost near 7 lbs but gained some because I started to work out again (it was over a month since I last worked out). Hopefully this trend will continue. I have noticed that when I eat solid foods, I tend to get pretty raunchy gas. Is this normal? Other than that, I have had a cheat day where I had a lot of tootsie rolls. After I had those I was like “never again”! I think for my next cheat day, later this month (july), I’ll try some Chipotle again…I miss chipotle!


I had Chipotle last weekend.

The good: tastes as good as ever.
The bad: even though I’ve accustomed to smaller portions in the past four months, I was still able to eat the entire burrito bowl* in a single sitting.
The (more) good: I am not trying to lose weight, so I didn’t feel guilty. Just bloated.

*Always order the burrito bowl. You get much more food than a regular burrito.