First Time Experience - Help!


I got my 2 month supply of soylent last week and I planned on doing full time on soylent for 7 days straight. Around lunchtime on the second day of exclusively soylent, I started to get a headache and started feeling generally bad. I powered through and around the morning of my third day I felt absolutely awful. I had a massive headache, I couldn’t think straight and thought I was going to throw up and maybe even pass out. I made the painful decision to eat real food for breakfast and I have felt much better all day since.

Did anyone else go through this? Any idea what is going on?

I’d been having some stomach pain and gas throughout - some pretty serious - but I’ve heard that was normal and it goes away. It’s possible that I was drinking soylent in too concentrated a form due to not having a large enough pitcher but I’ve been careful to hydrate enough. I’ve also tried to make sure I’ve been getting enough calories although being super precise about that has been challenging.


The gas is to be expected. As for the headaches, look on the forums for dehydration.


I would suggest that you stop what you are doing immediately. Stop consuming Soylent completely and wait for your symptoms to go away. When you have recovered try to incorporate Soylent into your diet slowly, it sounds like you may have been a little too enthusiastic. Next time try adding more water, too. I’ve heard that the official ratio is a bit low on water.


Yes for sure don’t use the official ratio. Fill the pitcher up to the bottom of the ring with water and 1 pouch of powder. But beyond that, as @bronse mentioned add Soylent gradually. There is really no reason to go 100% Soylent overnight. I would suggest start with replacing breakfasts… I have found that my mornings are SOOO amazingly good when they start out with Soylent. Then you can gradually go to lunch as well, and eventually to all meals if you really want to. And it doesn’t have to take a long time… I would say just a few days to go from zero to 80%+ Soylent if you want. That’s what we did, and it was a breeze.

Good luck whatever you choose, and definitely stay hydrated!! =)


Hey, very sorry to hear you didn’t have a good first experience with Soylent 1.0!

You should have definitely received a starter kit with your order, but it sounds like you didn’t? Can you confirm? Preparing Soylent using the airtight pitcher is definitely the easiest path to an optimal Soylent experience.

Preparing Soylent with too little water could possibly lead to an excessively high glycemic load, which might cause these symptoms. We’ve found that 1 part Soylent to 2 parts water (plus the oil blend) is about right for the majority of people.

Let us know if you didn’t receive a starter kit, we’ll get one overnighted to you ASAP.


I had an experience which was in no way as bad as yours. However, for the first couple of days I crashed in the afternoon on Soylent. I wasn’t able to focus, felt weak and was extremely tired.

Since those early days, I would say I feel much better. I think the initial ‘crash’ was caused by a high level of carbs in the Soylent mixture as well as drinking to fast. @vanclute helped me quite a bit with his post on drinking slowly. I drink a meal-size portion in 30 minutes minimum and often it takes up to 2 hours.


This could also be caused by the potassium. If you have not been getting the recommended amount of potassium in your diet leading up to Soylent, then adding in a full dose suddenly can definitely cause these symptoms. Do you know how much potassium you have been getting in your previous diet? Ease into the full dose over about a week and you should be fine.