First Time Personal Soylent Recipe. Feedback?


Recipe: Here

So my recipe is just a modification to the Beginner Soylent recipe, but I changed it up a bit. I used the Nutrient Profile Calculator on MakeSoylent and it recommended that my calorie intake be about 1300 cal per day if I wanted to steadily lose weight. I’m not sure if I got everything in healthy doses or if I should substitute anything.


Lookin’ pretty decent for a first timer! Here’s a few recommendations I would make after reading over your recipe:

Protein: If you don’t have any adverse reactions to soy products, switching to 85 g of soy protein from True Nutrition would save you $1.40 per day. You can get it flavored any way you like for about $0.15 more per day. The only catch is you gotta buy in bulk to get the best savings!

Fiber: Most bulk stores (like Bulk Barn here in Canada) carry both psyllium husk powder and dextrin for about a quarter of what you’re paying for the name brand super fiber. The benefits of a broad fiber profile aren’t very significant as long as you’ve got both soluble and insoluble sources in your diet.

Carbohydrates: Consider substituting out some of the maltodextrin for some oat flour. Active folks tend to report feeling tired on just maltodextrin, and the oats will give you some fuel for the long-term rather than the short term. If that happens to you, give it a shot.

Fats: Your Omega 3/6/9 supplement is probably unnecessary. A 1:1 blend of olive and canola oils will be good enough and cheaper.

Vitamins and minerals: Consider looking at the Nature’s Way Alive! Liquid Multi-Vitamin. It’s slightly more expensive than your current multi-vitamin and vitamin K supplements ($0.64 per day vs. $0.27), but it’ll top up your niacin, vitamin K, vitamin A, molybdenum, and selenium—all of which you’re a little low on. Plus it’s got some plant bits something or other in it that’s of dubious nutritional value, but hey, it’s there.

Socially Awkward Question: I have to say, 1300 cals per day seems awfully low, even for a 150 cm tall woman. Would you mind if I double checked your numbers? If you’re not comfortable posting your age and weight in a public forum, you can send me a private message and I’ll forget I ever read it after math time is over. :wink:

I hope this helps!


So I changed my carbs to oats, but now my zinc is too much. D:

I am a 19 year old 5’1 female at 143 lbs trying to lose a bit of weight as well.


I wouldn’t replace all your carbs intake with oats—for reference, I’m splitting it 50-50 by mass with maltodextrin in my (admittedly out of date) base recipe. I experimented with both versions: with pure maltodextrin I found myself getting tired or hungry earlier than expected, and all oats made the mix a little grainy to drink—the two together worked great for me.

Your mileage may vary, though. The great thing about DIY soylent is that you can adjust little things like that to your individual needs. You may find that all maltodextrin works great.

Turns out I might have been a little off on my napkin math—1307 calories would be perfectly safe for somebody your size and weight. I always overestimate the BMR for women. Bad on me I guess.


Thanks! Ok so I did another edit with a mix of oats and maltodextrin and replaced my whey for the soy protein (the flavors were really appealing). Seems like the price of my recipe has gone down quite nicely! However I’m a bit low on calories now, but I’ll have to play around with some more measurements I guess.


Consider adding some more fat to round up the calories; 37g is a bit low.


I’ve heard that the alive liquid multivitamins taste horrendous, if you get the “original” flavor.


It really depends on the macro ratios you’re going for. The current ratio is very close to the traditional carb:protein:fat ratio of 2:1:1 (which would be 164g carbs, 82g protein, 37g fat). Rounding up the protein and carbs would be the right thing to do in that case. Nothing wrong with that.

Personally I advocate a macro ratio closer to 4:3:3, engaging in some light exercise, and jacking up the daily calories to 1500 (150g carbs, 112g protein, 50g fat in this case). But exercise is a bit beyond the scope of a DIY soylent recipe. :wink:

You’re darn right that liquid multivitamin tastes awful—by itself. Mixed into your soylent you can’t taste it at all.


I think I’m gonna keep the mutivitamin that I had in it before, I switched out the fiber to something a little cheaper and and played around with the numbers and added more protein to up the calories, I think my recipe is pretty okay now.