First time Soylent-er questions?

Hey, I subscribed my 21 bag worths of Soylent 1.6 but quickly cancelled and subscribed 14 bags because i was feeling half excited half nervous. (Subscription started on Aug 2nd, 2016)

Anyways, It is my “first” Soylent subscription, and i got some questions.

  • I’ve received the initial 21-bag order confirmation, then the appropriate refund since I cancelled. I haven’t received the 14-bag order confirmation yet. Should I be worried?

  • Any Ontario (or eastern like nyc, toronto…) dwellers know how long it takes for delivery?

  • Since my order, I haven’t seen any transactions on my banking info which has me slightly worried.
    Do they charge the same day it ships or any insight on this?

  • Since I changed the order, would i still get the starter kit?

  • I’ve read a post about Soylent 1.6 not starting to ship until some day. When should I expect my order?

I’m sure many other first-time Soylent-ers have similar questions, so please provide your best insight!

Thanks - Gary

To answer most of the subscription and transaction questions try e-mailing

Shipping time is usually ~3 days. And yes you should be receiving the scoop and pitcher. If not, ask. They make the occasional mistake, but are pretty good at fixing it.

1.6 is shipping now, it started mid-july.

Typically, you will get your order within 5 days after your money is accepted (i.e., disappears from your bank account). You will receive enough information to track your order. 1.6 has been released. If you have sent a number of confusing email messages, that will presumably slow things down.

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Thanks for the reply,

but how long until they charge me? i heard 2 days but its ben longer already.

If there is nothing unusual about your case, they should have charged you already. If you changed your order, it may take them awhile to figure out what you want. I think you should wait a few more days: Alternately you could send them another email explaining super-clearly what has happened and what you want.