First time Soylent user, advice?


I just started using Soylent (v1.4) 2 days ago. Immediately after my second consumption and my meal today, I’ve experienced cold chills over my whole body to the point of goose bumps. And a sort of tingling in my legs and feet, followed by a slight dizziness. At first I thought the chills were because I was drinking it cold, but when drinking an ice cream shake I’ve never froze up that fast for that long. And I’ve figured the tingling meant that I had a deficiency in something(Reason). Any advice on adjusting to this and has anyone experienced this?

Some information on my intake:
I wanted to ease myself into it, to not experience major side effects of the change in diet. So over the course of these two and a half days, I consumed about 2100 cal of Soylent with the recommended water ratio, and I also ate a deli sandwich, mac n’ cheese, nachos/cheese, bagels/cream cheese, and some oreos/other cookies. The only thing I drank was water and Echinacea tea (for the infection I was fighting). I also mixed cocao powder/syrup into about a “snack size” amount of soylent to try. And I tried peanut butter in some, but didn’t finish it because I couldn’t stomach it due to a different/stringy texture (I assumed because it was getting close to 48 hours in the refrigerator since I had mixed/prepared it).

Some back-knowledge on myself:
I’m a 17, 5’ 9", and 130-135 lbs female. I have a lot of muscle, due to the extensive ballet history that I have, but for these couple of days the extent of my exercising was walking a lot at work (a movie theater job). I’ve been fighting an infection, which seemed to have been completely eradicated by Soylent, as my lymph glands had been sore for almost two weeks, and they’ve stopped being sore since day two of trying Soylent.

I will add, that after my first meal of Soylent on Saturday morning, I felt great! No side effects, and when I got hungry again I didn’t have strange specific cravings, all food looked appetizing.


I had a bit of a weird tingling sensation a bit after I consumed Soylent my first few times, I’m thinking it was my body finally getting stuff it needs. My diet was about 40% Qdoba and 60% random before hand. I don’t think anything I ate ever gave me Omega 3s and who knows what else. I can’t say I feel super better now, but I am also on a fairly hard calorie deficit with working out daily.