First time trying 2.0 and I'm hooked

I ordered some Soylent 2.0 with the discount code and received it in yesterday. MAN IT’S SO GOOD. I didn’t expect that. I expected different, but not good. I actually think I like it too much because I’m on a diet and I can’t drink five bottles a day. I want to though.

It tastes exactly like Cheerios. My husband actually doesn’t like it, so we’ll continue our monthly subscription of powder to keep it in stock for him, but I’m not sure I can go back now. With a year long shelf life I’m really going to have to stock up on 2.0 while I can get it cheap.

I’m surprised Soylent Drink isn’t what’s being sold in retail. I can imagine the markup on it might be high I guess but it seems like a far superior product to me. The smell, consistency and flavor are all much better.

My best friend who couldn’t get past the smell and texture of Soylent powder said that she would definitely consider buying 2.0 once she’s in a financial position to do so.