First time user experience (1.5 powder)

So far so good, I have not been eating a well rounded diet so I decided to try this out to replace some of the “Bad food” ie fast food, or junk food etc…

The taste is not bad at all its definitely what I would call “neutral, unoffensive with no after taste or cloying sweetness”

I am on day 2, so far I actually noticed I no longer get acid indigestion anymore etc… No “Fart issues etc” either.

I have definately noticed I no longer feel like having to munch on stuff or always hungry. Big improvement in energy as well my wife thinks its quite interesting.

I also sleep better (slept the whole night)

So did I have some kind of unknown condition? maybe not getting enough nutrients? Or could it be the way the carbs/sugar are slowly spread thought the day an no sugar spikes etc?

I definitely feel improved health and energy, I was not expecting much. So what exactly is the deal?


Many people had the same experience when they started Soylent or DIY soylent. The best comment for me was when my wife said I was nicer.

I started on DIY since Soylent was no where near shipping yet. I immediately noticed the difference. After a while though the new level just becomes your “normal” level. It’s still better and all, you just don’t notice it. A number of people have switch to normal food for a while and said it was not fun going back to their old energy/health level.


I was the same way with a bad diet as you noob, except I’m an oblivious idiot. It took me several weeks of going 100% to realize I had been feeling incredible for the past few weeks.

It’s really hard to pinpoint exactly what makes the difference because there are over 20 micronutrients which have a variety of effects in your body and brain. They’re called micronutrients because we need smaller amounts of them to reach capacity, not because they have a small impact. When someone like us who ate shit all the time suddenly is getting a perfect supply of them so much changes that I can’t figure out what’s causing what, just lay back and enjoy it. If you like you can read up on it a bit:


I’m speculating but during my first week of 1.3 I got sweaty and shaky, and I think it might have been my electrolytes being constantly too low. I almost never got any potassium.


I’d say it’s because you’re just overall eating much healthier. I’ve been on Soylent for two weeks now (just breakfast). Some things I noticed:

  • No farting issues that others have mentioned from consuming Soylent
  • No afternoon slump. Besides that, I don’t know if I feel more healthy or have more energy
  • I haven’t had any coffee during the two weeks. I normally have coffee everyday. I don’t need it to stay awake or anything. Just for taste. Once in a while I’d feel lazy to make some but that would be just a day, or two max, but two weeks? Perhaps it’s a placebo sort of thing. I might just stop drinking coffee at all now.
  • My bowel movements are much “cleaner”
  • If you flavor the Soylent then go back to plain, it’ll taste super bland/neutral - no taste as soon as you swallow it!

I started with 1.0 and had pretty much the same experience. I began 100% during week 5 of an uptraining class and on week 7 my instructor actually pulled me aside to ask what I had been doing lately because it was like I had completely transformed. Most notably, reduced cynicism and quicker responses. Less “uhhh” and more “precisely this.” Whenever she would ask the group a question, where before I was silent until directly addressed, now I was politely being asked to STFU and allow other people a chance to answer.

I’ve found that you can achieve similar results on a “normal” diet by taking a good multivitamin (Nature Made is USP certified) and eliminating refined sugar and HFCS. Multivitamins are formulated not to be complete, but to fill in the gaps where typical diets are lacking, so if you take a brand that is actually effective you can achieve an uptake comparable to Soylent. Another thing that Soylent does is prevent blood sugar spikes and their subsequent crashes, which you can do largely by avoiding sugar.


So far so good. I am impressed, My wife is impressed. LOL Now she wants to try it. I am down to 4 bags of the stuff and 1 container I just made.

So who knows how many people are suffering from poor nutrition and not know it. It makes sense if you put crappy gas on a car you will have misfires and poor performance. I have not touched any junkfood, etc… Only regular meals and Soylent inbetween.

I have not had any “Afternoon crashes” or spikes,bloat etc…