First time: 'your shipments' updated when it's shipped?

Hi there,

I purchased 14bags a few days ago and was just wondering about the shipping process. When the items have been shipped from RL does the ‘Your Shipments’ section under ‘Your Account’ update with new information? I’m also in Canada if this affects things.

Thanks, just curious about what that section is used for.

Someone here might know, but you can also contact customer service at and they might be able to assist you.

I can’t remember what was displayed in my account the last time there was a shipment, but someone else might remember.

They really need to change their process for first-time buyers. They’ll tell you that you’ll have shipping information within 48 hours, but it actually took about a week before it was shipped to me. It was quite confusing the first time. So You can probably expect it to take between 10 days to 2 weeks from the time you ordered before it arrives.

In the US, I don’t even see a “Your Shipments” section under “Your Account.” I see a “Recent Shipments” section. It’s been a while since I ordered, but the next update I received was my shipping notification email (four days later, in my case) with the FedEx tracking number.

If I recall correctly, the “Recent Shipments” updated after that (if not, it was already populated before the product actually shipped). The date under “Recent Shipments” is incorrect; the package says it shipped on June 2 but it was not actually shipped until June 5 (the shipment information was sent to FedEx on June 2, however).

If it’s the same as “Recent Shipments,” it will show you how much of which version was shipped to who at what address on what date, as well as the shipping ID number.