First week on 1.0


So, due to some fortuitous circumstances, I was able to purchase an unopened box of a 4 week supply of 1.0 from a friend of a friend of a friend who had tried it but wasn’t liking it and wanted to move on to try 1.1 quickly. He was nice and let me buy it at cost. So far I am doing well on it. I take 2-3 Beano tablets before each small meal that I eat. I am eating about 250 ml at a time and have been only eating half of the daily amount each day. I’ve had very little gas issues, possibly thanks to the Beano, yay!

I’m using a wide mouth hydro flask to mix it and getting the powder in without spilling can be an issue. Someone on here stated they open the bag then cut a small hole in one side and then reclose the bag and pour it out the small hole, which I tried and like better than trying to scoop it out the top, so thanks for that suggestion! :smile:

I’m glad that I decided to only eat half of the supply each day, which will give me 2 months of a supply, since I also received that delay email. I have been going back and forth trying to decide if I want to continue using this long term. I may let one official order go through so I can be in the “reorder” group and then possibly stop the orders when I see fit.

Overall, I’m loving the convenience of this product and it is also saving me money on meals. :smile:


I’ve been using Schmoylent and cutting the corner of the bag like I’m piping frosting and it’s been super easy to empty that way. I never thought to cut the Soylent bag though. It’s probably some psychological hold-up because it comes with a tear notch and resealable function. I’m going to try that when I go back to using up my existing Soylent supply.