First week on 2.0


Thank you for that. Yes, it’s working. I know where I want to be in four months and I can see progress, both on the scale and in the mirror.

Soylent may not be a “magic elixir,” but it has proven to be a valuable tool.


That would probably sum up my experience with it as well, “a valuable tool”. Because honestly, nothing else (in my experience) comes close to offering all the benefits that Soylent does. It’s not magic, it doesn’t take care of all your problems for you, but used in the right way it can be a powerful tool.


Week 13 stats: weight 161.6 pounds, down 1.8 pounds from last week, down 22 pounds from the beginning. Body fat 18.0%, down 0.2% from last week, down 4.2% from the beginning.


Month Three stats:

Bicep, start: 13 1/4", current: 13", down 1/4"
Chest, start: 44 1/2", current: 43", down one and a half inches.
Waist, start: 41 1/2", current: 37 1/2", down four inches.

So, lots of numbers. Basically I’m losing about 1.5 - 2 pounds per week, my body fat % is continuing to drop, but I’m losing too much lean body mass (10.7 pounds as of today). Four inches off the waist is very gratifying, but the inch-and-a-half off the chest and the quarter-inch off the bicep are probably a little bit fat and a little bit muscle. So it’s time to stop cutting and start growing. Almost. I’m going to do one more week as is and then I’m reformulating my intake and my lifting schedule.

Starting next weekend I’m altering my diet to go from 100% Soylent 2.0 down to about 35%, with the remainder being DIY. Also my exercise schedule will be heavy lifting every other day, and a ramped-up schedule the other days of body weight exercises. No days off, but the muscle groups will have at least one day off after every workout as I cycle through the routines.

I’m still concerned about the high carbs in 2.0 compared to a ketogenic formulation. I guess I’ll see what happens next and take it from there.


Week 14 stats: weight 157.8 pounds, down 3.8 pounds from last week, down 25.8 pounds from the beginning. Body fat 17.6%, down 0.4% from last week, down 4.6% from the beginning.

So, today is 100 days on 100% Soylent 2.0, and also my last day, at least for the time being, on Soylent. I’ve lost as much weight as I want to, and it’s time to start putting muscle back on. I’ll being doing so with a combination of heavy lifting and a ketogenic diet. Unfortunately the carbohydrates in Soylent are too high for my needs right now, so starting tomorrow I’ll be switching to a DIY keto 'lent. My time frame from the start was just over 200 days, so this feels like a natural point to transition.

I made up a batch of the DIY 'lent today just to see what the palatability is like, and it’s… fine. Not great, and nowhere near as tasty as Soylent, but it’s doable. I’m going to try my best to just think of it as fuel. It is more of a hassle mixing my own powder, blending it, pouring it into bottles, washing the blender, and then washing the bottles every day, but it’s still a significant time saver over cooking legacy food.

I am very pleased with my progress thus far, and I don’t know if I would have been as successful without Soylent. I truly wish that Soylent had a keto formula for me to continue with, but I will make do. For those who are curious, this is the progress that I have made up to now:

(This is the link to Imgur if those pictures won’t load for anyone: )

It’s been a great ride, and I hope that everyone else gets what they want out of this. I’ll update in another 100 days if anyone is interested. Best of luck to all.




If you want to update beore the 100 day limit, I’d be interested to hear how the keto diet is going for you. I’ve been trying to drop 20 pounds, the first 10 was easy, the next 10 is tough, and I’m considering keto, hearing how it went for another person would be helpful.


Absolutely, I can do that. Keep in mind, though, that at this point I’m trying to gain muscle mass, so weight loss isn’t my priority any longer.


That’s OK. I’m mostly trying to lose weight to improve rock climbing, so maintaining muscle mass (while losing fat) is my main goal. It took two months to lose the first 10, which went great, I’m climbing better than ever and my running and weightlifting have done well also. But lately my weight has plateaued. I know I have another 10lbs of fat on me, but I’m worried that if I cut my calories more I’ll lose muscle and defeat the purpose of the diet. That’s why in general I’m interested in Keto results, it’s a tougher diet (I wouldn’t be able to have the same dinner as my wife and kids), but if it looks like the results will be good enough it may be worthwhile.


Well… that was a rousing failure I am sad to say.

The last two weeks I attempted to switch from Soylent to a ketogenic diet, and I messed it up royally. First I tried making a DIY 'lent and it was barely tolerable, so then I started eating legacy food while still trying to keep it ketogenic. Unfortunately my bad old habits came back and I went way over my caloric limit almost every day. In addition to that I screwed up my exercise schedule and pretty much just stopped working out. In just two weeks I put on 4.5 pounds and my body fat went from 17.6% to 18.8%.

So tomorrow I start again on Soylent 2.0 100%. I went 100 days the first time, and so I’m going to do another 100 days. As I said previously I am no longer trying to lose fat but instead focus on gaining muscle, and my caloric intake and my exercise routine will each reflect that change in priorities. I don’t know that I’ll want to do weekly updates like I’ve been doing, but for sure in 100 days I’ll post another set of pictures. That will be October 31.

Thanks to those of you who stuck with me through this and offered support. The next 100 days will, I’m sure, be just as good.


But there are at least two excellent keto lents on the market; either KetoChow or Keto Fuel would have been easier than a DIY?


Hindsight being 20/20 and all of that, yes, I should have tried a keto 'lent from one of the established producers. Hubris got the best of me. Ah well, now I’ve returned to my beloved 2.0 and life is back on track. The only reason I tried switching to keto was the multiple claims of fat loss that I’ve read and listened to, but the fact is there are just as many if not more people saying that they put away tons of carbohydrates, work out like maniacs, and get the same results. Apparently the consensus is not in so for now I’m not going to stress over making the perfect choice. I’ve bumped my caloric intake back up to 1600 per day, I’ve added some high quality supplements, and I’m working out like a maniac. Take that, spare tire around my middle. We’ll see who’s the better man (or tire).


Week 18, quick update.

I’m back on 100% Soylent, only now focusing on muscle gain as opposed to weight loss. Here’s a pic showing shoulder and arm progress. It never occurred to me to take “before” pics because I was just thinking about weight loss at the beginning. Suffice to say my arms have never looked like this. I’ve been thin and I’ve been chubby, but never anything approaching “cut.” I’m excited to see how far I can go.


Well, I did it. It’s been over seven months since I started this journey and I had my 54th birthday last month. That day was the goal date that I originally set for myself. My specific goals where to have a 32-inch waist (starting from 41 1/2 inches), be able to touch my toes for the first time in my life, and to have six-pack abs. So how did I do? Here are the numbers.

Beginning stats:
Age 53
Height 5’11"
Weight 183.6
Body fat 22.2%
Waist 41.5"
Chest 44.5"
Bicep 13.25"
Attempting to touch toes with legs straight - fingertips 5.5" from the ground.

Week 33 stats:
Age 54
Height 5’11"
Weight 149.4 (down 34.2 pounds)
Body fat 15% (down 7.2 points)
Waist 34.25" (down 7.25 inches!)
Chest 41.25" (down 3.25 inches)
Bicep 13.5" (up 0.25 inches)
Attempting to touch toes with legs straight - achieved at week 11.

I started off doing only body-weight exercises such as sit-ups and push-ups, and eventually adding long walks, but I remembered how much I enjoyed lifting weights when I was younger so in week 9 I bought a weight bench and a dumbbell set and started the Strong Lifts 5x5 program. After a few months of that I wanted something more interesting and challenging so I switched to PPL. I also added a vertical leg press and a cable pull down machine to my home gym, along with a barbell for the bench. I’m still doing the PPL workout 6 nights a week.

I know it’s the pictures that really drive home the progress, so here they are.

April 2017:

April 2017


And November 2017:

November 2017


I went clothes shopping for my birthday, and ended up buying five pair of these pants in different colors. They are a size 32 waist:


What can I say except I am beyond happy with what I have accomplished. Ok, so at my age it’s going to take a bit longer to get real definition in my abs, so now I’m just setting a new goal for my next birthday. At this point I consider myself to be an athlete, and my sport is body recomposition. I’ve built a home gym that I use almost daily, and I have Soylent to fuel me. Now it’s time to get back to work. Cheers, and thank you to everyone who posted positive feedback on this thread. Here’s to another good year.


Wow, @SoyVegas! Your journey was a real inspiration to read. Congrats!


Congratulations! You look great. It’s impressive to see how you’ve stayed with it, and it paid off.