First week on 2.0

I’m 53, male, 5’11" and as of last week I weighed 183 pounds. My health is mostly fine. I’ve been a vegan for over 25 years and I eat a healthy diet… mostly. Ok, so I’ve found myself stopping at the donut shop a few mornings a week on the way to the office, where I sit at a desk for 9 or 10 hours, drinking 4 to 6 cups of coffee each day while eating the two or three meals that I packed plus whatever I scrounge in the break room. I seem to be in better shape than most guys my age, but I’m starting to develop a gut, and that worries me.

Last week I weighed myself and took a few measurements and also took some “Before” photos. The pictures were sobering and embarrassing. And then I went cold turkey. No sugar, caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol, and only Soylent 2.0 100%. In addition I’m exercising every day. My birthday is in 7 months, and I have three main goals to achieve by then:

  1. A 34-inch waist (currently 41 1/2 inches)
  2. Be able to touch my toes
  3. Have six-pack abs.

These may seem like reasonable goals for most people, but I haven’t had a 34-inch waist in about thirty years, I haven’t been able to touch my toes since I was a kid, and I’ve never had six-pack abs, even when I was a skinny 18 year old. Yes, I may be too old for some of those goals, but you know what they say about aiming for the moon and landing among the stars.

I plan on staying 100% while losing about 15 pounds of body fat, and staying on it while building muscle mass back up, although at that point I’ll probably have to increase my daily intake. For now I’m doing four bottles each day at 1600 calories, and that keeps my appetite perfectly satisfied. I may even switch to a keto formula for the final phase, but that’s months away. We’ll see how things are going then. (I’ve read that Rob has big plans for this year so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a keto 2.0 is in the works.)

I’m one of the ones who actually likes this stuff, lucky for me. Regular 2.0 is bland and mildly pleasant, Cacao is very good and has a nice chocolate flavor without being overly sweet, and Nectar is really great and a nice way to end the day. I’m sure I’d like Coffiest but since I’ve given up caffeine I’ll have to take a pass.

This week I’ve had zero issues with gas, bloating, cramps, or any other gastrointestinal issues that I’ve read about. I guess I came onboard at the right time because this particular formula works perfectly for me. I know that Soylent isn’t designed as a weight loss product, but because it is so nutritious while being perfectly portioned at 400 calories per bottle, it is stupid simple to keep track of exactly what I’m consuming. In fact, once I start putting muscle mass back on I’d be happy to see my weight go up, as long as I’m getting the results I want, but based on my history I’m pretty sure that I’ll look and feel the way I want at about 170 or so.

Oh, first week weigh in this morning: I lost 5 pounds in seven days.


Beginning stats:
Age 53
Height 5’11"
Weight 183.6
Body fat 22.2%
Waist 41.5"
Chest 44.5"
Bicep 13.25"
Attempting to touch toes with legs straight - fingertips 5.5" from the ground.

Week 1 stats:
Weight 178.2, down 5.4 pounds from last week.
Body fat 22.2%, same as last week.


Good luck! #1 and #2 should be doable. #3, well, it might take a lot, and probably isn’t worth it. Most people need a very low body fat to get a good six pack, much lower for example than you would ever need for health reasons.


Thanks, and I agree. But it’s not always unreasonable to have unreasonable goals. I figure that if I’m ever going to make it happen, at my age it’s never going to get easier. I’ve never had a very low body fat percentage, but then again I’ve never really focused on having a low body fat percentage. If that part doesn’t work out for me I’ll be happy with the rest of it.

Today is day one of Week 2. Good luck to all of us who are using this innovative product in an attempt to better our lives.


Good luck, when I started Soylent it wasn’t about losing weight as much as cutting out fat and fast foods and being healthier so I didn’t weigh myself at the beginning which I regret now. I am 43, Male and was wearing size 38 waist as of 3 months ago, but I am happily into my ‘old’ jeans that are 34. You are right in that it is stupid simple to track caloric intake with 4 x 400 but I knew that personally I couldn’t do 100% for long without caving. So I do 800 kcal/day Soylent and eat one healthy meal not consisting of fast food or fried food, mostly vegitarian but I am not afraid to eat chicken or fish. Six pack abs may be a lofty goal, one I would love to shoot for but realistically I am in the same boat as you, at a desk for 9-10 hours a day so it would take an amazing effort to do the required situps and planks to get there, I hope you achieve everything you are shooting for though!


As my friend the nurse likes to remind me, “Six-packs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.” You may already have six-pack-worthy abdominal muscles hiding under a layer of adipose tissue. The secret is to get the body fat percentage way down, but I’m still doing the crunches. Lots… and lots… and lots of crunches. As I said, I may decide to go on a keto formula once I get closer to my goal in order to get the body fat as far down as possible. Hell, If I only have a six-pack long enough to get a single picture taken before they disappear again I’ll be happy.

When I say I have a 42-inch waist, I mean my actual belly at its biggest. I’m still wearing size 36 or 38 pants, but the gut above them is what matters. That bastard has got to go.

I know I’m lucky that going 100% isn’t the biggest challenge for me. I’ve gone 40+ days without solid food three times in the past. In my case it will be staying the course with the exercise. Thank goodness I’m as vain as I am. It’s my main motivation.

Even at my leanest, when I was in peak physical condition in the Marine Corps, I did not have a six pack. I am 5 foot 7 and only weighed about 125(of course this was 20 years ago), very little of it was body fat and I had a very flat midriff but the six pack still eluded me. That is not to say I could not have achieved it if I had really tried but it takes an amazing amount of dedication, which sounds like you have. If you keep going the way that you have been then you will achieve six pack well before I ever do.

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Same here. When I got out of boot camp (36 years ago? Really??) I was as thin as a rail, but no six-pack. I’m sure that in addition to the dietary, exercise, and body fat issues, heredity and genetics probably play a part also. Oh well, we shall see. If the worst thing that happens is I don’t get the cosmetic results but I still end up in the best shape of my life, I don’t suppose I’ll have much to complain about.

I’m half way through week two and doing great on four delicious bottles of Soylent per day. I added 10 push ups and twenty crunches to my daily workout this evening.

Today was week two.

I’m doing great with four bottles of 2.0 each day, one every three hours. I have one at 8am, one at 11am, one at 2pm, and one at 5pm. Three hours sounds like a long time to go between drinks, but remember that’s actually four meals in the time that most people have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I sip each one slowly while I’m working, and there are plenty of times that I’m taking the final gulp from a bottle just as it’s time to crack the next one. I am definitely staying satiated throughout the day. Also I have a bottle of water that I sip from and refill any time I’d like so I’m not getting dehydrated.

By the time I get home from work I’m ready to exercise. I’m not one of those people who can get up very early in the morning and do their workout before breakfast, so early evening is perfect for me. Here’s my weekly routine:

Mon - Wed - Fri: Upper body, abs, and stretching
Tues - Thurs: Lower body, abs, and stretching
Sat: Full body workout and stretching
Sun: Yoga

I weigh myself and record my body fat % every Saturday morning so as to avoid minor daily fluctuations, and I’ll take measurements (waist, chest, and bicep) on the 1st of every month. Two weeks ago on the 1st of April I weighed 183.6 pounds. This morning I weighed 176.6, for a total of 7 pounds lost. Body fat started at 22.2 % and is currently 20.8 %. I know that home scales are notorious for bad body fat measurements but it’s what I have so it’s what I’ll use.

This week was a long one so I’m looking forward to an easy day off tomorrow and a relaxing yoga workout.


Beautiful, sunny, warm, relaxing Sunday. Four bottles of 2.0 (two regular and two Cacao) for my usual 1600 daily calories, and a nice yoga session in the evening. I am so inspired by the talented and generous people who post yoga videos on YouTube for us to follow along with. I’m happy and ready for my week to start tomorrow. Namaste.


Good luck. You’re off to a solid start. Good that you’ve established routines for both workouts and measurements.

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Week 3 stats: weight 176.6 pounds, same as last week, down 6 pounds from the beginning. Body fat 20.9%, up a tenth of a percentage point from last week, down 1.3% from the beginning.

I’m perfectly content with Soylent 2.0, four bottles per day, and exercising every day. I’m sleeping better than ever, I’m awake and alert at work, and feeling zero stress. I know it’s an over-generalization, but the basic math for weight loss (for a moment ignoring several other factors) is fewer calories in than burned per day. I am not going to cut my caloric input as 1600 calories per day for a healthy adult male is as low as I think is healthy. That means that I need to burn more calories.

Of course it’s only been three weeks, and I have mostly been getting my body used to working out again after too long with a sedentary lifestyle. I’ll be adding reps to the exercises that I have been doing, and challenging myself more. I am very pleased with the progress that I am making. I am looking at long-term goals in addition to a basic change to my behavior and outlook. My diet is healthier, I’m more physically active, I’m getting more sleep, and mentally I feel clear. The girl that I’m seeing right now joked last night that if I keep this up, she’s going to have to step up her game. By the way, she looks amazing. It is nice to be with someone who understands what I’m doing and is supportive. That hasn’t always been the case in the past.


Congrats. I’ve been doing 4 bottles/day for close to 2 years. I’m 69, 5’9", 160lbs., retired, walk 2 miles/day. Tried 5/day but it was too much. Have had 4 blood tests over the same period and all were within specs. Doctor said at one point that my hemoglobin was at the high limit and advised more water intake (which I wasn’t doing). I now drink around 48 oz. of water along with Soylent. Hemoglobin back to mid-range. Good luck on your goals.


Agreed. Five bottles per day would be too much for me, at least at my current activity level. Maybe if I was spending hours in the gym every day I’d need that extra 400 calories. As it is I’m exercising at home, just doing body-weight workoiuts, for about 20 minutes to a half-hour every day. Within the next month I want to bump that up to about an hour each day as my body acclimates to the new demands that I’m placing on it.

That’s also why I’m not concerned about quick weight loss, or really any weight loss, right away. I’m looking long-term here, for a complete change in my life. I’m eating a healthier diet (and one that is much easier to monitor), and increasing my activity to a great extent. I know that several months from now the improvements will be apparent and undeniable.


Don’t worry if your weight doesn’t change for a week or even two. Your weight fluctuates a lot based on how much water is in your body, how much food/soylent is in your gut, etc. It’s the long term trends that matter. You’re doing great, keep with your schedule and you’ll meet your goals!


I meant to reply on here earlier after reading your responses on my topic, but keep it up! It sounds like things are going well.

A few specifics I wanted to mention though…

  • It’s definitely bold to start a weight loss plan / life changes the older we get. As we age, we tend to get stuck in our ways more and more, so props to you for that.
  • Your goals seem reasonable as long as you stick with it. It can be discouraging in the short term, but if you’re genuinely trying, you can get results and see those results when you look back through progress pictures / measurements.
  • While it’s true that “abs are revealed in the kitchen”, they’re also a muscle group and can vary in size based on a number of factors which I’m sure you’re aware of. Ultimately your body fat percentage will determine if they’re visible or not though, which is why they’re revealed in the kitchen (not made there).
  • 1600 Calories seemed really low at first, but with age and activity level in mind it’s probably a lot closer than I initially thought. The link below is useful…

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I appreciate the response and the link. I guess “revealed in the kitchen” is a more accurate way of wording it, but as you point out there are many factors. Of my three goals, I know that two are well within my capability, and one is at least partially luck of the genetic draw.

According to Soylent’s Nutrient Profile Calculator, a guy my height, weight, and age who wants to lose weight steadily and who exercises every day should be consuming 2813 calories per day (at the standard macro ratios), and even if I lower it to exercising only three days per week that only drops the caloric requirement to 1946 per day… Here I am exercising every day, only consuming 1600 calories, and I maintained exactly the same weight over this past week.

Yeah, I know, it’s about the long term goals and weight does funny things in the short term. That’s why I’m not weighing myself every day, and only taking measurements on the first day of every month. I gave myself 7 1/2 months, and I’m going to do my best to see it through. This old man ain’t done by a country mile.

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Exercise is very generalized on the calculator, so it’s probably more accurate to check basal metabolic rate and then figure out a sum (of calories burned) of everything you do a day. That’s probably the least accurate feature on the calculator. My personal estimates (combined with the calculator) based on what you seem to have experienced thus far seem to put you at an appropriate amount of calories. Maybe a bit on the low side, but it certainly doesn’t seem too low.

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Week 4 stats: weight 176.6 pounds, same as last two weeks, down 6 pounds from the beginning. Body fat 20.6%, down 0.3% from last week, down 1.6% from the beginning.

This is three weeks in a row that I’ve weighed exactly the same, although my body fat percentage is dropping. I’ve said all along that the weight isn’t as important as my appearance and my body fat level, but still I think I’d be happy to see the pounds dropping off.

I’ve had nothing but Soylent 2.0, four bottles per day, for the last four weeks, plus water to keep hydrated. I’m surprised that a guy my size is staying steady at the same weight with only 1600 calories per day. As i said last week, I will be adding to my workout routine as my body acclimates to the effort, but I am tempted to drop down to three bottles of Soylent 2.0 per day, which would bring my caloric intake down to 1200, just to see how that makes me feel. There is actually a sub-reddit called “1200 is plenty,” although the denizens of that place seem to be mostly smaller-framed women.

For now I’ll keep it at four bottles per day, slowly add to my workouts, and see if the weight stays the same and the body fat percentage continues to lower. Next check-in in two days, as I’m measuring my waist, chest, and biceps on the first day of every month.

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One Month stats:

I started Soylent 2.0 100% on the first of April, and yesterday was the first of May. I’ve been weighing myself once each week, but I’m only measuring my arms, chest, and waist once a month, since obviously those are going to be much slower changes. First month results -

Bicep, start: 13 1/4", one month: 13 1/4", no change.
Chest, start: 44 1/2", one month: 44 1/2", no change.
Waist, start: 41 1/2", one month: 39 1/2", down two inches.

I’m happy to see the waist going down a little, as that is the one place that I really need to see a difference.

Also, I had a very good conversation with a friend of mine this past weekend. He is about twenty years younger than I am, and also bigger at 6’1" tall and with a larger frame. Three months ago he started Nutrisystem, and he has gone from about 240 lbs to about 225 lbs. Amazingly he has stuck to only 1300 calories per day, and he’s hitting the gym regularly as well. Being bigger than me as well as younger, I know that his caloric needs are greater than mine. I’ve been on 1600 calories per day, and talking with him convinced me to try dropping it down to 1200 calories for a while to see how that goes. Two inches off of my waist is a good start, but I’ve stayed at the same weight for three weeks now and I’d like to kick that weight loss back into gear.

Goals for Month 2: Continue losing weight slowly but steadily, lose another two inches from my waist, increase the intensity of my workouts, and stay at 1200 calories per day as long as I feel healthy doing so.


The ability to be consistent is probably greater than what any plan could offer, and you seem to be doing really well with the consistency department. So it’s not you (or your efforts) that seems to be the problem, rather it seems to be finding the right plan. Here’s to hoping you find something that works for you. :+1:

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of super low calorie diets because they have been proven to slow your metabolism (for unagreed periods of time). Of course, that is impossible to avoid when losing weight, but the degree to which it slows down and for how long are determined by the degree of the deficit (and the body of the individual). While exercise can combat the slowing metabolism, the calorie deficit will generally grant you less energy to do things, meaning that most folks will balance out (doing less because of less energy to conserve it). That being said, if done for a short period of time it may actually work out in the long term.

Here’s my alternate suggestion/challenge for you (a suggestion of course, meaning that you’re free to do as you please). Continue to follow your normal routine, but remove any cardio that you are currently doing in favor of a two hour morning stroll. This can be a leisurely walk through a park or trail (or series of sidewalks) near you, with the ultimate goal being to walk approximately 10k or 6.2 miles in that time. Depending on the calculator you use, this will burn anywhere from 500-800 calories, and most of that will be fat (instead of the carbohydrates you burn in cardio) because of the lower intensity. This of course comes with the added benefit of mental clarity by giving you the chance to organize your thoughts, the chance to get some fresh air, and best of all to relax and smell the roses.

Some notes on that…

  • Yes, I am perfectly aware that two hours a day is a lot. However, it is generally not missed in the morning especially if you get up earlier than normal (assuming you go to bed at a decent time).
  • You can do all sorts of things while walking, you can read something on your phone, listen to an audiobook/music, take the time to appreciate the world around you, etc.
  • You’ll want to ensure that you walk with correct posture, otherwise your walk will be less pleasant than it could be.
  • You’ll want to remain on 1600 calories a day, or even increase that amount (because net calories will drop to 800-1100 based on that alone).
  • Timing of food is entirely up to you, but some believe that exercise before breakfast burns extra fat (DO NOT attempt if you have blood sugar problems).
  • I wouldn’t recommend a treadmill, because it lacks some of the benefits, but if it is your only option it is still beneficial.
  • Continue doing separate muscle building exercises if you so desire, doing at least a little will ensure you keep what you currently have (which will help aesthetically).
  • (edit) My wife brought it up that splitting up the two hours between morning and afternoon is perfectly viable too. Not to mention that it makes it significantly easier to blend into a schedule that way. Alternatively, doing it all in the afternoon, or evening, or however you prefer really.
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